Radically, Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where your website application are hosted with other websites who are sharing server resources with you. Reseller hosting is appropriate for websites which has less traffic. A reseller is dependent over hosting provider, so deep technical knowledge is not required. The prices are fixed with hosting provider and reseller is free to distribute over desired prices. The top benefit of choosing this plan is that it is inexpensive. It is recommended for the beginners and who has lack of server administration knowledge. A reseller can host multiple domains at one reseller plan .he is given a control panel to manage hosting account of his customers. With reseller plan you won’t have to concern about server security, software installations and server management, as hosting providers is responsible for all these activities. If you start feeling that your website is attracting heavy traffic and being unable to respond efficiently then you need to upgrade your plan for acquiring more resources. Virtual Private Server is the option where you get virtualized distributed environment still sharing resources with other user but with some limitation.VPS may be called as bridge between Reseller and Dedicated hosting as it provides more resources than reseller and less than dedicated. Users may move to purchase VPS plan if they need:-

  1. Better functioning and reliable:-VPS has less downtime than shared because it does not share all of its resources with others .So it provides better functionality and reliability.
  2. Flexible resources with segregation:-buying VPS user gets his minimum guaranteed part of CPU and memory system. But as business grows user can order additional resources on his own without any assistance of system administrator. So he does not have to pay for resources which he is not using .this scalable approach makes VPS a much flexible option.
  3. Root access: – with VPS user is able to gets root access .With use of root access configure server resources, mange processes, reboot and set up various resources for server as and he requires.
  4. Proper backup:-user gets the feature of backing up its data so he may be able to restore and redeploy, if data losses.

If you have heavy traffic websites and large budgets, you should go for dedicated hosting. In this plan, user has to configure the whole server according to his needs unless he has taken managed hosting. Dedicated server provides a little top edge over VPS servers with following features:-

  1. Consistent: – Dedicated can make you assure about your resources are exclusive to you only. So proving a better and consistent performance, it is the solution for the users who has dense traffic over their websites.
  2. Proper management: – by renting a dedicated server you could be able to customizer server according to your need and can allot resources between various application and websites. Thus making better and proper management while satisfying business needs.
  3. Prevention of vulnerability: – Being access confined to user and hosting company, dedicated server overcomes as secure and less vulnerable option. Reliable firewalls and safety measures can also be set up that can prevent hacking attacks.
  4. Unique IP: – In dedicated server user gets a unique IP address which makes him completely secure from snoopy activities over other resources unlike other hosting where a single use activity can make the whole system crash and affect other users also resulting in downtime.