The modern technology has proved to be an asset for humankind, we have easy access to useful data, improved social skills, an opportunity to new markets online, etc.

The role of technology in enforcing the law is one of its key features. The government enforces rules, regulations to maintain peace and unity within the country, India is a population of 3.7 Billion according to current data, a couple of handful people are not enough; hence the intervention of technology as our savior without a cape was much needed. Technology is of use for not just safeguarding the confidential government data but also to prevent growing cases of cyber crimes, exploitation, robbery, piracy, increasing cases of hacking; as the former helps in combating the criminal activities and features like advanced communication skills.

In the earlier times of uprising and protests, the committees would sit to discuss the matter which was time-consuming but now with the aid of video calls the conference has become more mobile and because of which instant decisions can be made. The government basically has the power to claim data of any person who seems mischievous or a threat to the country. The GPS tracker is one amongst the many brilliant creations of technology, with the help of it, not only people but even vehicles can be searched in case of robbery or whatsoever. Similarly, installed recording cameras are of help too, the videos are recorded instantly so if there’s any case of theft. The police have more insight into the case, and it saves a lot of time and energy of the law enforcing pupils.

Computers are used to hold databases of information, to run sophisticated software that can recognize faces or identify fingerprints and connect to the Web, a channel for communication and is an excellent source of intelligence. The use of desktop computers, law enforcement personnel, also use laptops and tablets, to do their work. The technological progression that is mobbing the world do you think the criminal justice system would be spared from it?

Technology helps in keeping things under control and acts like a watchdog, as many criminals use phones that provide crucial information, dates, places, contact numbers of other suspects, sometimes they even live-record their crimes to showcase their insanity.

Computer Misuse Act 1990 – unauthorized access to computer material

Cyber-crime has severe consequences and repercussions. Posting phishing or malware links, hacking websites, or involving in mischievous activities against the law.