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Bye WordPress 3.5

We enjoyed WordPress 3.5, released in 2012

Now the new version of WordPress 3.6 is released, so if you have not yet wordpress updated your blog or website, you can do it now.
Let us reclaim what WordPress 3.5 did provide or what were the significant changes were there in the version. Basically, there were 4 major significant changes in WordPress 3.5 from its previous versions.
When the system was newly installed or being upgraded from the previous version, it shows the welcome page which displays the new changes being brought.
Media Manager : It handles the media content like images, videos and files, which in WordPress 3.5 was completely changed. Also, there was in uploading method of the media.
New Default Theme : It was called 2012, as it was released in that year. Although 2010 and 2011 were sill bundled, but 2012 was the most updated theme with most recent features.
Support for High Resolution Devices : Palmtops, mobiles do require high resolution, WordPress 3.5 was able to support them with more integrated graphics, so icons and pictures were shown more crispy and clear.
Links Manager was not there, as this feature was being used by very few people. If you have upgraded from the earlier version and have links installed, you would be able to view the Links Manager otherwise not.
Let us now enjoy WordPress 3.6. WordPress comes in 2 different varieties –
Cloud Hosted – Provided by WordPress [dot] com, here you can setup your own website for free in their server itself.
Self-Hosted – You can install WordPress on your website, hosted on your own server, it is the same application as provided by WordPress [dot] com.
WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg. He did created the simple blogging tool, to put his content whenever he wants to be. It has undergone several changes and now WordPress is not just blogging software. It is now being used by lot of heavy weights website:

There are endless possibilities with WordPress, you can do whatever you want to do with WordPress. You can bring your own ideas, twist WordPress, by adding new functionality, looks and behavior and continuously improve and shape it to fit with your ideas.

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