A dedicated web host is one of the numerous hosting options available. But the reason to select dedicated solution should be well ascertained beforehand.

Dedicated Web Hosting: Meaning

Dedicated, as the name suggests, is when the client has site hosting option with one server only. The web host is responsible for maintenance and hardware issues and space is leased to the customer. The customer has the liberty to install various apps and can have tons of traffic without downtime issues. Dedicated web hosting also grants the client more choice, access and power as security is of no concern.

Dedicated Web Hosting: Features

Some advantages of choosing dedicated web hosting include:

  1. Flexibility : User can use server for scores of needs for as long as it is within bandwidth, memory and hard drive limits.
  2. Control : As dedicated involves no sharing, the user has greater amount of control. Root access is allowed which is not in case of shared hosting.
  3. Features : The hosting package provided by different hosts is a mix of distinct features. Some provide minimum add-on services, some supply scripts, spam monitoring, cPanel and e-comerce solutions.
  4. Stability : As there is no resource sharing, there is no risk to worry about others’ practices affecting the site.

Dedicated web hosting is significantly more expensive than shared hosting. In order to take advantage of dedicated, one must have skill level for efficient use of resources. Hiring technicians makes it an expensive solution. It is profitable for website owners with popular sites. Some hosts offer managed services for extra cost. After determining particular needs, skill level and resources, best suited hosting should be selected.

Pros of Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

  1. Faster connectivity and easy management of huge site traffic is the main advantage.
  2. More storage is based on plan. User has total control of server.
  3. Sites hosted in dedicated servers are safer and hackers find it difficult to hack.
  4. As dedicated servers are flexible, software and utilities of choice can be run on dedicated servers.

Cons of Dedicated Hosting Servers

  1. Not all can afford to have dedicated hosting. Sites with tons of traffic reap the benefits from this hosting. Dedicated server will likely cost over $ 100 per month shared servers can be let out for under $10 per month.
  2. For those with no knowledge about managing server, dedicated hosting may pose a problem. Handling firewalls and maintenance is to be done by the user, unless opted for a managed server which usually costs extra.
  3. Diagnosing problems are equally tricky along with finding solutions.


Shared hosting is far cheaper and easy to manage than a dedicated one. Before taking up dedicated plan, regular and expected site traffic should be ascertained. The amount of content, a few pages or a collection should be planned. If various resource-intensive apps and processes are expected then shared hosting is not the right choices. Dedicated server calls for remarkable set of technical know-how to run successfully, and even ascertaining what is needed from a managed server requires some technical knowledge. Budget and capital disposal is to be considered. The user should be acquainted with the requirement of power, control and freedom in respect to website hosting.

Web hosting services seem several similar-looking offerings. Most of them include: disk space—preferably unlimited, unlimited monthly data transfers, sufficient RAM, e-commerce options and 24/7 customer service.

First-time web masters and small trading start with shared hosting before advancing to dedicated to ascertain business needs and resource requirements.