Teachers are our masters, our source of guidance. They say we are the face of future but what they do not talk about is that the future relies on the quality of education we get today, and there comes the part of our beloved educators who not only provide us with the power of knowledge but also teach ethical values, ethics within us. With more and more eligible teachers in the schooling sector, the teacher evaluation program needed the push in the right, and that right direction is the technology-based teacher evaluation program, which is a prerogative for us.

In the modern rapid-evolving societies we live in, where time is money. We have very little time left for ourselves. The technology aided evaluation program has become the need of the hour, the knight in shining armor that saves the day, literally.

The reports provided by the internet-based program is not only informative in all the regions of classification but is also error free. You fill in the required details and voila! The report devised into reality. These programs are necessary to set crucial performance standards to keep teachers highly aspirated towards their duties and careers. And programs like these help in maintaining the required absolute transparency.

Teachers are our second parents who teach us the ways of the unfair world and sometimes it is them who pay the price of mistakes or grudges with the fellow committee, and as we know that machines are constrained to be impartial and its adoption can prove to be of benefit to the educationists. The awareness of the notion of bias-free evaluation is constitutional to understanding the complexity of the system and the repercussion being; the adoption of any method of educational approach has on the entire system in the context of dynamics and evolution of educational systems.

Envisaging the management evaluation from the point of view of professional development, it will be taken into consideration the relationship between assessment and teacher autonomy as well as the contemplating, discipline and consequent change of each teacher, everything counts. Humans are bound to make mistakes, so the need for promotion of technology-based evaluations should be considered as a means to meet ends.

Author: Rishika Chhabra