The technologies have become a crucial part of our day to day lives. As the world relies upon the internet, with each day passing, the reliability increases, thereby creating a need to check fairness in the competition. An urge to tighten the scrutiny over the tech giants has been felt and talked by many. This world is an expensive place for people like us to survive now imagine the pressure upon the tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google. Like every government needs to be checked for the basic principle of balance of powers; so do these companies where the market is at rise, and for them, anything and everything is at risk which includes their image, their investment and more.

The internet needs to be a safe place for one and all and to ensure that the need for anti-competitive conduct has been raised, where everybody is out there to sell their product as if their application is the best shot we have got. All these successful companies have one thing in common, which is the support of the internet without which these companies would've been nothing.
The government has raised concerns with the increasing monopoly of the digital markets, and the only means to keep these companies under control and on the path to righteousness is through curbing the strength, excess powers from them.

A recent egalitarian retaliation took place against the potential of these data monopolies, newly-born worry over disturbing content online or behavior, cyber-related crimes, and giving political misinformation to the public are just a few of the troubles, to begin with. Had you ever thought that the only market that shall survive would be the online market which sells everything from groceries to pets?

The increasing online family is scary because all your data is out there somewhere, everything that you type will remain on the internet even after you erase it. Facebook had undergone a much similar scandal where the company had revealed protected data of 87 million users to a political consulting firm, which further led to speculations on the Trump campaign.

Right folks, It's 2019. Here are the social media choices we are left with, Facebook; the place where your identity, your data is stolen. Twitter; where your profile is abused, disgraced. Snapchat; where your profile has funny bunny ears, and life is full of filters. People are bots. News is bought, and the only organic thing left, is avocados. If this doesn't awaken the law-abiding citizen within you, nothing will.

Author: Rishika Chhabra