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Photo Hosting Solutions

A photo has a lot of meaning of its own. If there are some photos on anyone’s website then it means something. So, it will be a nice view to host these photos. To host any website online, a reliable photo hosting service is needed.

Choosing online image hosting solution:

There are some tips for choosing right online image hosting solution:-

Some websites of Image hosting and sharing:

Uploading photos have never been easier. The best sites store those photos to keep back up, make their sharing easier, provide tons of space and editing tools and showcase them in good looking galleries. There are some websites which provide Image hosting services:-

Google+ Photos: It gives many tools to manage snapshots, whether they all are automatically uploaded from Android or iOS device or uploaded manually in batches from computer or camera. Google+ Photos provides automatically back up and store photos from multiple sources. It also automatically organizes photos into “moments” or “events “and will automatically create date-based galleries for a user so that photos can be shared easily in a group. There is a process named “auto awesome” which can make photos look better.

Flicker: Flicker helps in storing and sharing photos online and it is primary destinations for photographers. Changes have modernized the site’s layout, updated its mobile apps, made galleries more attractive and responsive so a user can upload and edit and browse photos from groups and friends any time. It is a good place to host photos, better option to make photos public or private at any time, multiple licensing options and groups for every possible interest. A company is free for an ad-supported account for 1TB of storage. “Pro” is ad-free account option which gives unlimited uploads.

Smugmug: This company has been around for a long time. It never stopped improving, updating and giving its users sharper, more features, more designs, and tools they needed for their photos. There are many designs to choose from and anyone can modify all; using company’s built-in tools and a user will feel comfortable to modify the layouts himself. It also gives photographers complete control over download options, licensing, watermarking and many other. Photos and videos are uploaded at full resolution. Smugmug is a premium service completely with plans range from $40/yr to $300/yr depend on the amount of storage which user want.

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