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Move from Tumblr to WordPress

What is Tumblr?

Before the Social networking sites, blogs were there but we have made efforts and due to this, the concept of blogging becomes microblogging. Thus, Tumblr is a microblogging platform as well as a social networking website which allows its users to post multimedia content i.e. e-mail, audio, video, text, images, links, quotes and other content to a short form blog i.e. their tumblelog. It was founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc. on May 20, 2013. It allows its users to keep their blogs private and with this, they can follow other users' blogs also. Many of its website’s features are accessible from the Tumblr “dashboard”. Its headquarters are located at 35 East 21st Street in the Flatiron District in New York City's Silicon Alley.

Why move from Tumblr to WordPress?

There are few reasons behind this:

Content is all yours-Whatever content you publish on WordPress is all yours. WordPress gives you freedom and feeling of ownership because it not owned by any company and it is open and free software.

Easy to use-Wordpress is quite easy to use if compared with Tumblr and it gives you the power to control your site.

WordPress and Tumblr are complementary – WordPress and Tumblr are like friends and are complementary to each other. In fact, Tumblr’s own blog used to be on WordPress. Migration of entire Tumblr site to WordPress only takes a few clicks.

On the basis of the above reasons, one can move from Tumblr to WordPress.

What are the steps should be followed to move from Tumblr to WordPress?

The process will take few steps to move from Tumblr to WordPress:

Step-1-Getting ready to Import- To import tumble log’s content to WordPress, go to Tools? Import, display on your WordPress dashboard and see the Tumblr importer. If you are not having an account on WordPress then you are required to sign up first. Click the link to get started and then enter the email address which you used to sign up to Tumblr, then enter your Tumblr password and click Connect to Tumblr.

Step-2- Import Tumblr-The importer will allow you to import the blog which you want to import from the list of blogs. Click on the tab-Import this blog. Once you have started, import page will show you the progress of your import and you will be sent an email when the import is finished and all your Tumblr content, including your Videos, are imported into the WordPress blog. But, if your Tumblr site has a custom domain, then it needs to be temporarily disabled while the import is processed. To disable this, first you need to move to your Tumblr Dashboard, click on the Settings button and then uncheck “Use a Custom Domain” checkbox and then you’ll go to set up Domain Mapping on your WordPress blog so that the readers can use the same domain to reach your site as earlier they do.

Step-3-Design the Site as per your way-We can customize or modify the design of the website while the content is being imported by selecting one of the post formats as WordPress supports Post Formats which allow you to distinguish between the different types of content you post on your site.

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