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MissDomain: Company Overview

MissDomain, as its name reflects, it is dedicated for the domains. It is the only website where domain names are auctioned. It was founded in year 2003; headquarters are situated at Stockholm, Sweden with offices at Miami, USA. Mainly company deals in Nordic countries, offers them a simple platform, where they can buy and sell domains. The platform offered is totally custom built leads to establish contact between sellers and buyers, results in successful transaction. Company’s clients spread all over the world using services like buying domains, selling domains, registration of domain, their mgt., appraisal, premium parking and escrow service.

Reliability & Performance/ Uptime Report

Miss Domain delivers 99.9 percent uptime guarantee by which it ensures top notch performance to clients. Figure clearly reveals the fact that clients site is most of the time up and rarely goes down. Servers are highly secure and monitored round the clock so as to prevent any kind of disruption which may occur due to any technical issue or others. It ensures reliability and with this, DDoS Protection also taken care of leads to high security.

Hosting Plans

Web Hosting of Miss Domain provides three plans, namely, Basic, Professional and Ultimate. Features offered in all the plans are Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Emails, 45 days Money-back guarantee, More than 150 free apps one click install, DDoS Protection, monitoring of security for 24*7. It also includes Free Email Addresses, 99.9% uptime guarantee, MySQL-Databases.

Features & Control Panel


Miss Domain delivers a good customer support to their clients. As customer service is necessary to deliver satisfaction to clients, to overcome their issues, and provide them required information, thus it plays an important role. And in this context, Miss Domain plays a good role. Its dedicated staff try their level best to offer good response in much less time as possible.



Less types of hosting services

Cancellation Policy/ Refund Policy

In terms of Refund policy offered by Miss Domain, if client founds services inappropriate or unsatisfactory, a refund of paid amount can be asked by a client within first 45 days of service being issued and company may refund the same.

It simply indicates customer satisfaction guarantee as money paid by client is safe and secure and a client may avail the same on being unsatisfied with a specified duration.


Miss Domain an exp. player in domain name industry offers user friendly domain platform for registration, buying, selling and auction domain names. Best innovative products and services are offered by expert’s results in max customer satisfaction, which is the final goal of every company.

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