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  • Specifically designed for the use of the web, to develop dynamic web pages
  • The embedded scripting language contains all the features to aid programmers in the task.
  • Simple concepts, secure and transparent to the visitor.
  • Creating a PHP file is as easy as creating and editing the HTML file. Its code gets embedded in HTML tags.


  • According to the Netcraft survey, January 2013, PHP was used on 244M sites and 2.1M IP addresses.
  • Tiobe index shows PHP on 7th position with 4.28%.
  • W3techs reveals PHP as most used server-side programming language with 83.4%.

The language popularity is growing year-by-year to full-fill functions.


When visitor types URL in browser address bar or click on a link in a web page or submit button on a form, it sends a message to Web Server to respond with an HTML file.
PHP works with the Web Server to deliver web pages. A web server with PHP installed receives a request for a file with the ‘.PHP' or ‘.phtml' extension containing PHP language sends HTML statements by processing with PHP software often called ‘Escaping from HTML'. The PHP statements enclosed between opening <?PHP and closing ?> tag.

<?PHP echo "<p> Welcome to Ananova, Hosting World Demystified </p> ?>

echo is an output statement after PHP gets processed

<p> Welcome to Ananova, Hosting World Demystified </p>

is delivered to the user's browser.


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  • It works best with Apache, as developed as a project of Apache Software Foundation. It's free, open source, stable and runs on Linux, Windows, Mac and most flavors of UNIX. According to the Netcraft survey, it powers more than 60% websites.
    Microsoft IIS, PWS, iPlanet (Netscape Enterprise Server) and others.
  • Microsoft IIS, PWS, iPlanet (Netscape Enterprise Server) and others.