Web Real-Time Communication is an open source project that provides web browsers and mobile apps with real-time communication for free via simple application programming interfaces, It is a free, open-source project that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication via simple application programming interfaces.

It allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication; eliminating the need to install a plug-in or download native apps.

It is a mode of telecommunications or protocols which look for voice, text and video communications abilities through web browsers.

Web Real-time communication enables interaction done quickly between individuals through a browser, running on javascript applications. The factors contributing to the growth of the web real-time communications market are increasing demand for a secure mode of communications, rising demand from enterprise to improve customer relationship management, increasing implementation of these solutions in the healthcare sector and growing demand for better communication solutions.

The benefits of implementing these are to enhance the organization's performance. It reduces various expenses and reduces complexities. Besides, Web Real-time communication provides better video and audio quality at a much lower cost as compared to telecommunications systems.

Geographically, North-America accounted for the largest market share in the global web real-time communications market, whereas Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a fast pace over the forecast period, 2017-2023.
The real-time web communication emphasizes on providing detailed analysis of the market to provide insights about factors affecting the market growth. It includes country-level analysis of the market for the current market size and future perspective.

Also, strategically looks after the profiles of the key players of the market to draw a competitive landscape. It analyses the competitive developments like joint ventures, strategic alliances, acquisitions, mergers, new product developments, and research and developments in the global Web Real-Time Communications
Real-time communication is a category of software protocols and communication hardware media that gives real-time guarantees, which is necessary to support real-time warranties of real-time computing.

Its mission is to enable rich, high-quality applications to be developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and devices, and allow them all to communicate via a standard set of protocols.

Author: Rishika Chhabra