The advanced technologies like AI and NLP are making efficient customer service system to increase satisfaction. It reduces agent workload, the time taken to resolve issues and cost, by providing automated customer service and build the functionality themselves. Most hosting providers have developed their chat systems using the tools provided by Google such as chatbot analytics platform Chatbase, or bot building software like ChatFlow. Microsoft offers Bot Framework for ‘Node.js.' and Baidu – Chinese search engine acquired Facebook offers Messenger, and several third-party companies offer platforms and software which includes:

  • Amazon Lex chatbot: Integrated with Amazon connect allows the use of same conversational technology as Amazon Alexa, to connect with customer databases and software applications to perform tasks. It passes issues, which it is unable to resolve, to the human representative, along with full customer details. It keeps interactions consistent to avoid errors.
  • IBM – Watson Virtual Agent: Available for 30-day-trial, and is supported by huge community and library of docs, which includes pre-trained industry and domain knowledge, an engagement metrics dashboard, and broad analytics capabilities.
  • Live!Zilla: Help and Support system, monitoring website visitors in real time, based on open source software. It integrates with the website and supports more than 30 languages. Software sold as a perpetual license, rather than a subscription protects privacy by running without cookies and with masked IP addresses.
  • Twyla: A mobile-focused AI chatbot provider works on a variety of channels, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, WeChat, and Telegram, as well as over the web. The software AI learns from uploaded chat logs and can be configured to provide the best options, answers and conversational tone.
  • Sales Syntax: Sales Syntax (formerly known as Crafty Syntax) live help software to include customer relationships management (CRM) tools such as referrer and page tracking. It allows for multiple operators, multiple departments, and multiple websites. The software open source code is fully customizable and offered with free, “unbranded” and “professional” versions.
  • Nanorep: The natural language processing (NLP) technology is used to provide virtual assistant and chatbot solutions with smart channeling, collects and communicates customer information for live agents, and supplies real-time customer experience analytics. Support almost every language, and increases customers satisfaction by 50% and 45% reduction in contact center volume.
  • Ada: Without requiring a developer, robust Ada chatbot can be set up in minutes that asks clarifying questions. It reduces support volume by 20% in one week and can deploy on popular platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack. The Ada offered for free 14-day trial.
  • Pandorabots: More than 225,000 registered developers, provides API access to SDKs, a hosting platform for text or voice chatbots, and Playground, a free development environment. It builds bots and provides support for companies developing their own. Bots built with the platform have won the Loebner Prize for human-like AI.

Features of Customer Support

  • 24.7.365, Support availability through email, trouble ticket, Live Help, and Phone.
  • Tem of Experts available to resolve problems and fix issues on the timely basis.
  • Assured customer support increased customer satisfaction.
  • 100% uptime guarantee