When do we look for a cheap web hosting provider?

  • We are least concerned with the website risk.
  • The site is not essential and doesn’t wish to invest much in it.

But, what-if there are providers, which are reliable and stable while their hosting service cost is least in the market. Some companies have disproved that Quality web hosting is an expensive affair by offering huge discounts — Ananova rates and review such web hosting providers and provide you the list to choose for your website. You can find the company whose plans to suit your website’s needs. The web portal discusses and compares the features, pricing, and service offerings.

Reliable Hosting is critical for website success.

Attributes of Best Cheap Hosting Provider

  • Potential, impressive performance, which comes with stability and 100% uptime availability
  • 24.7.365 customer support via live chat, trouble ticket system, knowledge center, or phone
  • Furthermore, it helps consumers accomplish their goals with simplicity.

Windows Hosting:

The Windows web hosting which is carried out on Microsoft Windows Server platform and also allows web pages to be hosted by using classic ASP and/or ASP.NET platform. Windows hosting can be run by usage of Windows Web servers like Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 servers. Only this type of hosting serves with MS Access database. Many observers reliable features are meant for assimilating any business along with the internet. Window hosting can easily and simply integrate the products of Microsoft to websites. Features like the Cold Fusion and ODBC database connectivity can be used for this hosting only and not by the UNIX.

Windows Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

The web hosting packages which provide the services of window hosting is termed as Window Hosting Provider. Window Hosting Provider must have FrontPage Extension Support. It must support the Classic A.S.P 3.0, PHP5 or PHP4. It should be able to host many domains in one account. There should be a good control panel usually Plesk for window hosting. It should offer good anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Above all, it should possess the capability for any development or improvement in future. It has a good persuasive value and an operative medium by which client communication is possible. It is reliable as it is manufactured by Microsoft which is a leading manufacturer of a large number of renowned software. It ensures complete safety and security of the website from hackers. This hosting provider makes sure that no update crashes the server.

Now we will deal with the concept of Cheap Hosting Provider.

The window hosting provider which provides the services of window hosting at a minimal price that is in collaboration with our budget and requirement is termed as Cheap Window Hosting Provider. Cheap Window Hosting Provider offer Windows 2000 / 2003 server hosting and some attractive features like

huge web space, free domain, etc. and support Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access & MS SQL server support.

Following are the ways adopted by Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to get cheap window hosting:

1. Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting

“Unlimited” means just that: unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything. Today, the technology has caught up with user demand for fast internet and high-quality content, so there is really no reason for a web host to place restrictions or caps on their customers.

2. Ads on Your Terms

Some people offer cheap unlimited web hosting, except, we have to let them put whatever ads they want all over our site.

3. Stability

We need to find a web host that uses reliable, dedicated servers. Some hosts may be cheap, but we can almost set our watch on how often they crash and leave their customers and visitors out in the cold for hours on end. All servers will have down times for maintenance now and then, but we should try to go with a host who gets reviewed as being one of the more reliable ones.


Thus, our present scenario is demanding Cheap Window Hosting Provider so as to cop up with the need of common mass.