Key Selling Points

Services Offered

  • IaaS, dedicated servers, managed servers and cloud servers

Parent Company: Global Net Access, LLC

Establishment: 1995

Data Center: Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas. Atlanta facility is SAS 70 Type II licensed data center

Hosting plans

Dedicated Servers of Netdepot are considered as Self-Managed Servers. They are fully dedicated to a client. It offers a wide range of features like IPMI on all the servers, technical support, Remote Reboot, Migration, Gigabit Redundant Network, Live Bandwidth Graphs & Backend. It also includes cPanel VPS Edition, cPanel, Free CentOS 7 & 6, free BSD 10 & 9, Windows 2008 & 2012 consist of Standard, Database & Enterprise Edition.

Cloud Servers are completely scalable and work completely on automated basis. It provides features such as fully redundant high performance SSD SAN Storage, Hardware redundancy on automated basis, advanced control panel, 99.9% uptime guarantee, fast, simple deployment of server, personal network connectivity.

Managed Servers, as their name suggests, these servers are completely managed by the provider. They keep their eye on the server for 24 hrs a day so as to monitor it properly and to address the issue, the moment it occurs. It offers features like Public and Private Network, 5 Public IP Addresses, 1 Private IP Address, large US footprint and 24 hrs monitoring & management with technical support.

Private Clouds comprises of various plans and all of them includes 100% Uptime Guarantee, completely Automated Platform, 100% Monitoring on automated basis, Onapp or VMWare Software, over 100 Linux Distributions, all the versions of Microsoft OS, 24×7 Support, Full API, WHMCS and Hostbill Integration with setup time of 24 hrs.

Features and Control Panel

  • Managed Servers and Backups
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Remote Reboot & Migration
  • Multiple 10 Gbit Uplinks
  • Robust & Redundant network & Power setup
  • cPanel VPS Edition & cPanel
  • Free CentOS 7 & 6
  • Free BSD 10 & 9
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • 24 Hrs Technical Support
  • Full API
  • WHMCS and Hostbill Integration
  • Public & Private IP Address

Target Customers: enterprise and corporate clients

What for Customers?

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Reliable & high-performance web host
  • First Class Infrastructure
  • Strong financial position
  • A Stable Web hosting platform
  • Great Uptime guarantee
  • Instant Setup of servers
  • Safe & Secure data centers

Uptime: 100%

Support: 24.7.365