The power of the Internet is such that one wrong message, and here comes the forthcoming uprise. With 3.8 billion Indians contributing as active internet users, which is 12%, only behind the country of China, which lands to 21%. The range for good smartphones begins from not more than Rs10,000 with affordable internet rates thanks to Reliance Jio Infocomm, and people introduced to a whole different world of social media and search engines.

Websites are nothing less than gurus to their solemn users. Isn’t it amusing that you can find anything and everything on the Internet today! From safely transferring money from one place to another to booking tickets online for flights, theatre, railways, and even online video streaming, this not only indicates how dependent people are to the Internet but also the vital importance of the Internet.

With the introduction of smartphones, the business of search engines has prospered at such rates that there are no bounds. With just one click, you can learn to cook lasagna, and within the blink of an eye, you can have insightful views of Langkawi, these are a few perks of having a smartphone. Earlier people would go to cyber cafes to have access to search engines, now most of them intend to own a smartphone.

The accessibility to the Internet has become easier than it ever was. The Internet leaves no stones unturned when it comes to the entertainment sector; the business of telecom services have turned the tables as it seems. People are more aware than ever about what’s happening not only within their areas, district or even state but also about nations of the world.

Most importantly the understanding of raising a voice when needed, be it for one’s rights, protests broadcasted on the internet engines like Whatsapp, Instagram which in return creates not only a sense of awareness but also an unsaid unity among the social circle. The Internet is worth a great deal for the origin of vital information and an essential key for additional teaching tool in the schooling sector as it provides quick access, a never-ending supply of knowledge and entertainment, all thanks to the mobiles we own and use daily.

Author: Rishika Chhabra