A dedicated server can be an excellent thing, but is this type of server what you need? Let's break down what a dedicated server is (and isn't) so that you can make the right choice.

Who Can Benefit From a Dedicated Server

Businesses of any size will find that a dedicated option is a way to go. The reason with this type is, as the name suggests, entirely dedicated. But, what does that mean? It means that nobody else will be sharing your server.

If for example, you share a server with 300 other companies, a thing may be slow sometimes – this is especially true if a company that shares your server has a high amount of traffic. The more traffic a site gets, the slower things get in return.

In short: share a server and expect some slow times.

Other Reasons Why Dedicated Is Better?

1. Downtime can mean lost revenue.
2. Dedicated options come with backups, software options, and more customization control.
3. You will have direct access to support options, and most of the time that means dedicated support.
4. Better and more security.
5. A more reliable server option that results in increased uptime.
6. Happier customers.

Are there any reasons why a dedicated server is not a good option, or why this type of server would not be the best idea for various businesses? Everything has a downside, right?

Possible Dedicated Server Drawbacks

There aren't any real drawbacks (in the plural sense) to a dedicated option. The only actual issue here is that dedicated server choices tend to be more expensive than shared hosting options. But, you have to weigh the costs of a dedicated server with the benefits associated with a server that's a lot more reliable.

On the one hand, specialized options are more expensive. On the contrary, sharing a server is also expensive if you lose clients because your site is slow or completely down. So, you see, the benefits of dedicated hosts entirely outweigh the cost factor.

The Cost of Downtime

If you're still weighing the pros and cons of dedicated hosting, consider what you like to experience as a customer. Do you become frustrated when a site is down or slow? Now, think about what 30 minutes of downtime could mean for business sales. Just 30 minutes could mean thousands of lost revenue dollars.

It's recommended that you shop around for the best dedicated server option you can find. Companies offer competitive packages that tend to come with plenty of choices and lots of excellent support. Do your homework to find a company that has positive reviews across the board, and find a dedicated package that is cost-effective and includes everything you want to get out of a host.

As always, we're here to help should you require any assistance, and you will find plenty of reviews and information about dedicated hosting on this site.