As the Internet has grown over the past few years, so has the importance of websites. Be it in the form of a blog or for the sake of social networking, everything has a website. And not just one or two, more than hundred thousand websites. The demand for web hosting services is only increasing.

Affordable Hosting: An Overview

Instead of opting for expensive or cheap web hosting provider, most people are looking for companies that provide all the services and have packages that are extremely affordable. Affordable hosting is mostly used by small-scale businesses. And hence most of them will opt for either Shared hosting or Linux hosting. Large-scale businesses will mostly opt for dedicated hosting.

Difference between Cheap And Affordable Hosting

While affordable web hosting and cheap web hosting are similar, they are very different too. Cheap web hosting includes the lowest price, considering that is the only element they have to offer. Also, the plans of these companies will not always be reliable. The plans of an affordable web hosting company are made such that they will suit the budget of the user. People do feel that cheap web hosting companies are economical but they are not up to the mark.

Features of Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable hosting is inexpensive and flexible. Like any other type of hosting, any affordable web hosting plan will include the following features:

  • Uptime- Uptime is the amount of time for which the server is running. A web hosting company that offers an uptime of 100% or 99% is more reliable than other companies.
  • Disk Space- This is the space that can be used store data on a web server. This depends on the type of website you want to create. Many companies provide unlimited disk space at affordable prices.
  • Emails- An email service allows you to create email addresses which will include the name of your business. Some hosting companies provide a limited amount of emails but some hosting companies provide an unlimited amount of emails.
  • Free Data Backup- This is important in case of disasters like server errors. Hosting companies need to provide data backup for this purpose.
  • Customer Service- Clients need customer service 24*7 in case of difficulties. It makes the client feel more satisfied with the hosting company. It makes them feel that the company will help them in all situations.

Advantages of Affordable Web Hosting

According to, the advantages of affordable web hosting are:

  • Fast and quality customer services by real people
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Unlimited MySQL database
  • Host thousands of WordPress install
  • Unmetered email address