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A three-day workshop on Artificial Intelligence Applications from June 29 will be conducted by the Department of Electronics. The Workshop is conducted under the auspices of the Knowledge-Based Computer Systems Programme.

The Programme was launched by the Department of Electronics in the year 1986 with UNDP assistance to gain extensive expertise in this area by research, design, and development to demonstrate KBCS technology-based solutions to solve major socio-economic problems. The objective of this workshop is to disseminate the information regarding breakthroughs and international scenarios in the area of Artificial Intelligence Applications particularly in the Financial sector and other practical applications.

For conducting this workshop two experts have been invited from UK and USA through UNDP. These experts have done considerable work in the area of Artificial Intelligence applications. This workshop is likely to be attended by a large number of participants from a wider cross-section of computer experts and users including representatives from financial institutions and the IT industry both from the private as well as the public sector.

Source: Press Release
Date: July 28, 1994

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