Online Business WebsiteA lot of businesses complain that they do a lot still, they don't get returns. Ananova team helped in the SWOT analysis of a few of its clients. When the reports were presented to their management teams and entrepreneurs, they got amazed. They were trying to focus on everyone and anyone, helping them in resolving their issues, understanding and analyzing their needs. In that, they forget their existing clients or viable clients. They were doing everything outside of business, but within it, they were in a dilemma that everything is going smoothly.

Monetize, Don't make it Hobby

The companies asked Ananova, then whether they should stop helping the people who are not their client. Then, in that case, how they would get new clients? Do they start charging for their help? Then why people would come to them? Really, Is it a business, work without income! it could be passion, idea or hobby. With so much competition in the market, businesses are ready to provide solutions or work without any charge just to attract or retain customers.

Define Niche

Ananova suggests to prioritize work to be more meaningful and unique i.e., define niche or figure out target market. Work on products, services or programs, which target market is looking for, what they want from your business. Finding the right market or choosing customers is again a big challenge. The businesses advertise to attract customers, for that they build content and disseminate it into target markets. The process does not stop here, further, they must look on various metrices like how many people got engaged, views, visibility, repeated viewers, audience growth and much more. What's next?

The businesses sustain consistent content creation and become one-stop-shop of content. They share content to cover multiple areas. They were niching, but again going broader. The topics which get engagement or feedback, the businesses get excel towards them and start creating more of that content to establish their excellence and credibility. Again go back and examine the situation was that their business from which they earn revenues. The question arises whether content related to products or services is not getting much attention, where is a tradeoff?