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LAMP HOSTING – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHPLAMP web hosting is an acronym or a web technology used to hosting as well as for creating websites. Lamp Hosting is a combination of four technologies used to power website and web hosting servers.

‘L' stands for LINUX- the operating system
‘A' Stands for Apache the web server
‘M' stands for MySQL that is the database server
‘P' stands for PHP scripting language for handling the web-pages.

The purpose behind LAMP hosting is to fulfill all the requirements that the best web host requires that also includes some factors like security, speed, stability, reliability, and scalability.

Web hosting made easy with lamp hosting

Web hosting services such LAMP hosting is very beneficial to many reputed organizations since they want their sites to be accessible by one and all over the internet. Mostly, files are hosted by companies on a particular server. There are various types of web hosting services such free web hosting, shared hosting, etc.

A web developing company working for a client requiring the lamp hosting needs to keep certain points in mind. The support for the company should be of very high quality along with developing required applications. Training conducted so that the client is very comfortable with web hosting lamp. Different kinds of files and folders can be accessed as well as shared. Security is given high priority during web hosting LAMP.

There are other variations of the lamp as well used by different web developing companies across the world. As Linux is an open source operating system, changes are going on with the lamp hosting software. Lamp hosting services also cater to the server management. Many of the trusted web developing companies provide additional services as well such as creating domain names and certificates. These companies cater to all kinds of needs of small as well as large business organizations, making lamp hosting popular software for web hosting services.

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