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Linux Hosting Features

Web hosting is simply a term in which a service provider places your website on the internet, to make it accessible across the globe. The site typically put on a computer known as “Server,” which serves as a home to your website.

There are two choices on which you can host your websites either Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting.

In the vast world of hosting, Linux was once the king. It supports by default various scripting languages like PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl, etc. But for ASP or .NET web sites Linux hosting is not a good option. There are various hosting provider companies. But how to choose a good hosting company is a question.

Steps to select a reputed web hosting provider

Choosing the right web hosting service provider is a time consuming and difficult task. It is particularly due to the reason that every individual or business has different requirements. Given these varied requirements, here are some services that a web hosting company will offer you.

Customer Service/Support

Whether you are a novice or an expert in web hosting, you need the assistance of web hosting provider at many instances. While selecting the company, you must check their customer support and services. The different ways of doing:


Certainly, a huge matter, because many web hosting service providers are there offering their services at very affordable prices. While deciding on the price, you must also comply with your basic requirements and should never compromise with quality. The pricing of hosting plan depends upon the disk space, database, and email accounts you opt. Still, you can get the same deal at a low price by doing some research.

Just stick to these simple points, and you will inevitably end up finding a web hosting provider meeting all your requirements.

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