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Keyword rich domain For High Search Engine Ranking

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Keyword rich domain

Domain Names play a huge role in search engine optimization for obtaining high search engine ranking. Type in any keyword into Google for example, and the chances are high that you will find that more than 80% of the first 10 sites contain that particular keyword in their domain names. Thus, a domain name is one area that can be fully utilized (obviously taking into consideration that you are optimizing a brand new site from scratch and not an existing one).
It is also a good idea to include hyphens (-) between each of the keywords within your domain name. This tells a search engine spider that each word is a separate word, not one continuous word. The search engines which use keywords in the domain name as a part of their ranking formula will not be able to recognize keywords unless they are separated by a hyphen (or a slash or underscore for sub-directories). Search Engines prefer the use of hyphens in domain names because they can produce more accurate search results by being able to recognize specified keywords in your URL.
Keep in mind that a domain with words separated by hyphens will be harder for users to remember (and may also decrease the value of the domain). However, if keywords are used with hyphens the keywords may be interpreted as such by search engines thereby helping rank a site higher.
Domain name registration is one of the most important things to consider when you are designing a site for high search engine placement. Here are some dos and don'ts of domain name registration.
Some Webmasters use shared domains or sub-domains available for free from popular Web hosting services, or some kind of free domain name redirect service.
Keyword rich domain might be cheap, but if you want a good search engine placement, it's not an option.

Taking advantage of Alphanumeric Search Engine listings – Keyword rich domain

To have a good website marketing plan, you must realize alphabetical priority of domain names is still used by some search engines as a key factor in their ranking formula. Alphabetical hierarchy is even more important to website marketing because this method is used by directories, which strictly list sites in alphabetical order based on the results of the keyword(s) search.
Your website marketing plan must acknowledge Yahoo!. Yahoo! is the number one directory and search site with 52.7 million different visitors each month, accounting for 69.1 percent of all Internet surfers. An astounding 53.4 percent of all search-related traffic comes from Yahoo!, or as much as half the traffic received too many sites. Many prefer to use Yahoo! because each site submitted to Yahoo! is human-reviewed, delivering more accurate search results for their visitors.

To include alphabetical hierarchy in your website marketing strategy, realize that alphabetical priority does not only consist of letters, it includes numbers that can rank higher than an “A”.
This is the order: -0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

This means that the domain “” will rank higher with the search sites that use alphabetical priority in their ranking formula, than just “”

Domain Crawling

Domain crawling is probably the best solution for maintaining both the main site and a regional version. With domain crawling the regional listing is far more comprehensive as compared to the other mechanisms explained above. Some pages, although regional may be listed in the main listing as well.

Domain Filtering

Domain Filtering automatically segregates websites from different countries into their respective regional editions. This segregation is done on the basis of domain names. For instance, a website from Australia would generally have a domain .au. The Domain filtering mechanism looks at the domains of all websites and creates a country-specific edition listing.

Some Search Engines also have region-specific editions which contain listings from the whole of that region. As an example: A French edition of Google may also return German or Spanish websites in some cases.

Domain Filtering has a drawback though. This mechanism can only filter out websites based on the domain name, and hence .com is always considered to be a United States website. This is obviously not true. Many websites from other countries also have .com domains.

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