Reseller hosting is the hosting, which allows you to get the unique name for your server with full branding of it. As you are getting the unique name, so it may provide you an identity of complete web hosting solution provider. Basically, reseller hosting comes with Web hosting control manager. The provider allows you to create and plan your own hosting plans and sell them with excellent web hosting control panels like c panel to your clients.
Reseller hosting is suitable for those people who are hosting several no. of websites, because with the help of reseller hosting, they are able to manage all their sites, under one hosting manager and by this they are able to provide better service and good support to their clients. By offering customer satisfaction, they grow faster and gain competitive advantage over others.

Linux Reseller Hosting features/ advantages

Linux Reseller hosting allows you to have full control over your site, thus enables you to add, edit, delete and manage websites quickly and easily.
The website which you host has its own control panel, which reduces your workload and thus your site can be managed easily.
To be a reseller, you do not require any technical knowledge. Your provider keeps your sites 100% online all the time.
The website which you host has full access to the powerful features, with no additional or hidden costs.
Most of the providers offer their reseller hosting on the latest server technology from Dell or Super Micro and provide you with excellent data centre facilities.
It helps you to save your time and money, by maintaining servers for you.

Linux Reseller Hosting Providers

There are so many Linux reseller hosting providers, available in the market, but mostly people are looking for those providers who may offer their hosting services at affordable prices, so some of them are given, which are really cheap.