Ajaxmint is nothing but a very simple and easy to use gallery script; this can be installed very easily. This application can be customized very easily and you can add many features to suit your purpose well. In fact you can start using the application right after the installation. The process of installation is very easy as you are given clear instructions on how to about the whole process.

Let us now take a look at some of the advantages of Ajaxmint Gallery Hosting / Gallery, Photograph, and Image hosting

The need for posting web galleries, forum sites and blogs have increased so much over the years; so the people have expressed the need to for a cheap application that facilitates all of the above. So using Ajaxmint Gallery Hosting / Gallery, Photograph, and Image hosting you are given the facility of storing all your pictures in png, swf,gif, tif, tiff, jpeg and jpg.

This application also allows you to join up with a community; to do that you just need to click on the button that says control panel. This will allow you to start sharing your pictures with communities all over the internet and your pictures can be viewed very easily by all the people. You can also restrict certain pictures within the community so people outside the community cannot view them at all.

This application lets you create an account through which you can choose to share your photographs. Now you are given two options either you can go for the Public service or you can go for the private service. These are the two profiles that are offered by Ajaxmint; if you go for private service then you will get an extended bandwidth as well as multiple folders that will let you organize your images in a systematic way. You will also be given unlimited number of views for all of your photographs.

With the public services you will be given about 10,000 views on a monthly basis and with a decent bandwidth. However you must note that under this particular prfile your pictures will be viewed by all everyone.

The Ajaxmint Gallery Hosting / Gallery, Photograph, and Image hosting application is used by both professionals and amateurs ; in a effort to share their work with the general public. So this means that this particular application can be used very well to promote a studio or an event. So you see that you can share all your photos very easily; without having to hire other marketing tools.

This application lets you share photos through blogs or forums, so this means that people can leave their valuable comments. You can also link your photographs to other websites as well.

This application has become very popular with people all over the world as it is very easy to use. Follow the tips in the article so that you can use this application by Ajaxmint to your advantage.