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Impact of Technology on Improving people’s lives in India

The Indian government supported technology growth since its independence from British colonial rule. Technology has always been a crucial factor in the nation's prosperity. It has been changing our lives by increasing the pace of time. Technology has been present in various sectors of the developing phase of India in the last 20 years. Communication and Information technology, transportation, Defense, and several other aspects looked after through the presence and progress of Technology. Science and Technology are the vital ingredients of the modern world. They lessen the outsourcing barriers and make lives easier for everyone.

Evolution of humankind has been smooth in the presence of technological products. Significant changes have taken place in the products available in the market and the ones that are imported by multinational corporations. Technology is a product of civilization, social relationships, and mental conceptions and attitudes depend on the present and future Technology.
Technology has contributed to the growth of industries and the process of industrialization.

Developmental progress of transport and communication led to the national and international trade on a bigger scale. Road transport, railway services, waterways, and airplanes eased the movement of material goods. Radio and television, newspapers and magazines, telephone and wireless and the like have revolutionized. The satellites for communication purposes further added to these developments. They have helped the people belonging to different corners of the nation or the world to have regular contacts.

The introduction of investing time and money into the factory system of production has helped the most in industrialization. The capitalist economy has divided the society into two ruling classes- the capitalist class and the working class. These two classes are always at conflict due to a mutually different interest. Over time, a mediator class called the middle class has evolved. Where there have been merits of Technology, there are also cons that are evident in modern times.

The modes of warfare, the weaponry has brought anxiousness and fear to humankind. These weapons can quickly destroy the human race, and because of the excess use, Technology can be easily misused. The higher would be the technological development, the more the risk for humankind would procure.

Author: Rishika Chhabra

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