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Protecting WordPress Sites from Hackers

There are ten ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers. The tool is very much dependable to the companies and is widely used worldwide. It is better for the owners to have a sound knowledge of how to deal with the hacking problem. Taking the proper steps at the right time may protect WordPress.

  1. Among the ten ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers the most important is to use the web hosting provider that is secure. As it is well known, the web hosting providers are not all equal according to the standards. Availing the affordable services may not give the right result. Therefore, hosting providers with good track records are recommended.
  2. Updating is the next important thing that the WordPress users should do. Along with time WordPress updates itself. The site owners should allow these updates. But if the updates are not made timely, then the sites may be opened for attacks.
  3. The hackers generally will tend to hack sites having the older versions as it is easier to break their security options. So the users are advised not to ignore the ‘upgrade now’ notification. The same way the theme and plug-in up-gradations are recommended to be allowed.
  4. Among the ten ways to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers, password strengthening is another important thing. Most of the sites hacked are because of the weak passwords. The WordPress administrator should have stronger passwords.
  5. The other important measure to be taken is to make sure the hacker doesn’t get the username through the author archive page. The WordPress administrator displays the username. The username is shown in the URL. So, once the username changed, the entire process should be hidden from the database.
  6. From a single IP address, there should not be multiple Login failures as well. So one should use the ‘Limit Login Attempts’ option. In that case, after several login failures, the IP will be locked. In that case, it will not be open for the hacking threat.
  7. The user should also disable the file editing through the dashboard. Otherwise, the hacker, while hacking, may gain the control over the data and may modify them.
  8. The users are also suggested to avoid the use of the free themes option. Some encoders give way for the hackers to insert spam links into the sites, which eventually corrupts the entire website. So the free theme usage is better to be avoided.
  9. The experts researching in the hacking always suggest keeping all the backups of the website. This should be done on the regular basis. So once the hackers hack the websites and corrupt the files and everything, these backups help to keep the website information and data intact.
  10. Finally, there is a lot of plug-ins that can be used for strengthening the sites. There are many popular plug-ins that can be used for this process. All these measures should be taken to keep WordPress sites safe from hackers.
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