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Google Page Creator

Google page creator was a hosting and website creation service that was offered by Google some years back.  By the time it was August 2008, Google pages had more than 3 million users. However, in September of the same year, Google announced that it would not accept any new members signing up for Google page creator but rather urged users to migrate or rather upgrade to Google Sites. Google Sites was a similar online web design tool which Google was working on in 2008 but that was a little different from Google Page Creator. Google Page creator was later shut down in June 2009 and the existing pages transferred to Google Sites. Google Page creator was primarily discontinued so that Google could fully focus on Google sites which had the capabilities of the page creator along with so much more.

With Google page creator, users do not need any HTML knowledge as it was a basic tool for web design. On top of that, Google page creator is a completely free online site building tool that is very easy to use and makes it very fast for users to create and publish attractive pages on the web. The web pages that users created using Google page creator were hosted at pages(dot)google(dot)com. One of the major issues that made it hard for the upgrade from page creator to Google Sites was the fact that Google Sites does not support CSS web pages and JavaScript web pages, which comfortably worked on Google page creator.

The users of the Google Page creator enjoyed some benefits. For instance, users could more so change the name of their website and even create more than one Google Page creator site from just one Google account. If however, the user wanted to have a single online identity for each Google page creator site created, and then it was important to open a new Google mail account.

The working of the Google Page creator was very easy as users did not need any advanced web design knowledge to create web pages using Google Page Creator. With Google page creator, users were able to create their web pages using new technologies such as Ajax.  Such web pages were quite sophisticated and attractive thanks to the use of these new technologies. The Google page creator came with 10 MBs of free storage space, along with automatic saving of your work and better yet allowed users to use HTML tags when modifying the appearance of a web page. In this sense, the overall layout and outlook of the web page were not altered in any way, only the details of the content within the web page will be altered.

However, Google Page creator also had a disadvantage as users could not include a blog or even move a site to its URL, users could also not include any forms on the web page they were creating. Using the beta version of Google page creator furthermore did not allow for insertion of ads on your web page.

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