SharePoint Hosting Features

SharePoint , a platform developed by Microsoft can easily be said to be the most popular web based collaborative program in the world. The popularity of SharePoint Hosting can easily be seen from the fact that 78% of the total Fortune 500 companies are using it. SharePoint owes its success to its brilliant features which can be a boon for any company. One can be useful in synchronizing your projects and makes working with everybody at one time, easier. It works wonders in streamlining complex things and sharing important content with whom so ever you wish.

Various SharePoint Foundations

When a business house picks up SharePoint Hosting it is looking for some specific features and some specific technology. SharePoint Foundations are the underlying technology for SharePoint Hosting. These foundations are SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint server 2010.

How SharePoint Hosting helps?

SharePoint Hosting has a number of advantages to offer to any business. Some of them are as follows:

  • Permission and security level can be as deep as document level
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Easy and quick collaborative environment building
  • Less complex management
  • Collaboration increases the productivity of people involved
  • Management and tracking the documents becomes easy
  • SharePoint solutions that are specific to your needs can be easily deployed
  • Information management becomes cost effective
  • Scalability becomes easy and can be maximized
  • Mobile device optimization can be achieved SharePoint is an easy and effective way to collaborate, organize and share in a cost effective manner. It gives a boost to the productivity of the employees. The integrity and the security of the information system can be stepped up. Navigation becomes beautiful and easy for the user. If you have specific niche business needs, they can be catered to. The most effective improvement is seen in the use of information and its synchronization. SharePoint Hosting does have a lot to offer to businesses.

Better Document Organization

Every company has its own way of organizing its document. And the better it is the less time it takes in information retrieval, updating, circulation, review or disposal. A document has a life cycle that it follows which starts at its creation and ends at its disposal or retention. SharePoint makes the management of this document easy and flexible. Also tools like calendars can be managed through it. You can also get awesome server management too. It will help any business to grow and extend. Content management and Information sharing becomes easy on the server.

Managed Team Collaboration Utilities

Another add on benefit that you get with SharePoint hosting is Team collaboration. We all know that at times there is a need for more than one brain to work on a single document. This is possible with SharePoint. More than one person can work on a doc without disturbing its original structure. Document syncing and collaboration becomes smooth and hassle free. It can be easily seen that SharePoint hosting and its team collaboration features bring along a lot of benefits like

  • Improved productivity
  • Very effective and secure documentation
  • Information sharing becomes easy as SharePoint provides tools to publish information on websites that can be managed and modified as required. These business websites can be customized too.
  • Specific needs of a certain target audience can be met by customization
  • People in a business have ideas that need to be shared and worked upon in a secure environment. SharePoint facilitates that.

Choose a perfect SharePoint Hosting Plan

SharePoint hosting solutions are provided by a number of webhosting service providers. While picking up one, you must bear a few points in your mind. The service provider should provide you with no cap on disk space, WAP Browser compatibility, SSL encryption , Document level security, Mobile access, application Templates, document collaboration check in and check out, and all.

Why SharePoint Hosting?

SharePoint Hosting is a very versatile application or platform for any kind of business. It makes a lot of things a lot more easier in a cost effective way.