Avalon.hr : Company Overview

Avalon.hr believes in the power of speed. its also known as CDN.hr. It is a fast site which gets more traffic and makes more money too. As, this company knows speed is the first requirement for true online success, it offers high speed. While delivering web pages to people in different geographical regions by using a Content Delivery Network, it is must to achieve web performance excellence. It helps website owners to select the content delivery network that is able to meet their needs in the best manner. It has 13,127 servers with advanced search, alerts, dashboard and frequently updated. It has better performance and user experience for end users.

Reliability and Uptime Report

Avalon.hr has achieved 100% uptime last week. With 0 existing domains were deleted, 0 domains were transferred away, 0 new domains were registered with Avalon.hr and 0 domains were transferred to Avalon.hr from other web hosts. As per social media content and conversations, Avalon.hr has 56.25% positive user response.

Plan and Pricing

It has various, products & services of – Servers, storage, networking, security, developers and management. Its plans are Reduce Lag, Scalable with Total Control. It distributes your data all around the globe at a very less expensive. It is very affordable web hosting service provider, global level. When it comes about load times then milliseconds also matter. So, it reduces the distance of your data to travel to your end users. It offers a better experience. It has a list of plans from which you can choose any of the plans as per your need and budget. It has plans for starters to professionals and individuals to small businesses.

Features and Control Panel

It offers the facility of – elastic computing, database services, storage and middleware. It scales to meet the changing demands of your business with highly-available and high-performance services. It helps you to put a stop to slow loading sites and downloads. And distribute the content in 24 geographically diverse nodes within the SoftLayer content delivery network. It also cuts the travel time too and gives a better Web experience to its users. It provides you a cloud without boundaries.

It has easy to use control panel, which is easy to manage too.

Technical Support

Avalon.hr offers the facility of 24/7 technical support. Its technical support staff is experienced, dedicated and skilled. They are always ready to help and assist its customers. Whenever, any issue occurs then not to worry. You are not alone. Its technical support staff is always ready to help you. It also offers the facility of live chat too.


Avalon.hr has lots of pros, some of the major pros are – 24/7 technical support system, professional reliable, very well established hosting, 99.9% uptime, reliability, global web hosting facility, and many more.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Avalon.hr does not offer any refund.


Avalon.hr is a global web hosting company which offers great uptime with lots of features. It is highly reliable and has amazing technical support staff. It is well established and experienced web hosting company. It has 13,127 servers which offer the facility of advanced search, alerts and dashboard. It is frequently updated. It does not have any refund policy. So, before purchasing it you should check its plans and services thoroughly. Overall it is a great web hosting company.