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Dreamhost.com: Company Overview

DreamHostIt is developed by PC Mag. It offers the facility of WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Public Cloud Computing, Dedicated Servers and many more. It is a company that provides many options for Web hosting. However, it is not a much old company in the market. Still, it has earned a good name in this sector because of its services. It is an open-source technology that is committed to customer success. It offers its services to around 1.5 million sites and blogs. Around 400,000 content writers, web designers, developers, entrepreneurs and small businesses are using its Open Web services.

Key Selling Points

  • A leader in web hosting and cloud services worldwide
  • Focused on WordPress and is the best place to launch a blog, website, or web application.

Establishment: 1997

Vice president of corporate communications: Brett Dunst


  • (August 14, 2018) DreamHost Remixer Website Builder launches WordPress export feature to export themes, content to WordPress. It brings the portability feature to users. The company embraces the in-development “Gutenberg” design paradigm, exporting block-based designs and content designed to work with the WordPress of today and tomorrow.
  • (May 11, 2018) Rallying Americans to contact their senators to express support for a continuing fight to preserve net neutrality, a free and open Internet. The company is a member of the Battle for the Net coalition and neutrality, a fight for a free and open Internet. The company is educating customers, co-signing letters to the FCC, and participating in the Net Neutrality Day of Action. The company believes in the democratizing power of the internet.
    The Net neutrality protects, businesses from being forced to pay premium rates for Internet access or hide-out by search engines, threatening their survival and growth.
    It provides tools and resources to contact congressional representatives and urge them to action. Hence, the websites, apps, and businesses get deserved startup-friendly environment. Fair and equal access to all internet users, where new companies can compete with established ones.
    The 99.9% of the US businesses, which is nearly 30 million comprises of small businesses, according to the U.S Small Business Administration
  • (Apr 11, 2017) DreamHost named to the 11th annual WorldBlu List of Freedom-Centered Workplaces in 2017.

History: Four Computer Science undergraduate students in Claremont, CA launched the company with a single Pentium 100 web server, using shared bandwidth on T1 line provided by their friend at no cost.

Data Center: 1500+ servers, state-of-the-art data center

Offices: Los Angeles and Orange County, California and in Portland, Oregon

Services Offered – Web Hosting Review Dreamhost

  • Cloud storage and computing, web hosting

Advanced DreamPress Packages

  • Managed WordPress service
  • Plans: DreamPress Plus and DreamPress Advanced
  • Includes advanced benefits of Automattic’s Jetpack Professional at no extra charge. Its features include:
    • an image CDN and  a video CDN with no bandwidth restrictions
    • in-depth website statistics
    • downtime monitoring, comprehensive spam protection, daily backups powered by VaultPress, automated and on-demand malware scans. It makes the web safer and accessible for all site creators.
    • access to over 200 high-quality premium themes
    • advanced SEO tools, priority access to WordPress experts at Automattic and
    • a buttload of other enhancements.
    • a WordPress-optimized ad program, and priority support

Domain registrations, web hosting and cloud storage and computing services

Supporting the open source community with dedicated resources and top-tier talent

VPS Hosting: Price starts at $15 per month, 1GB RAM, 30GB space and unlimited bandwidth

Hosting Features:

  • Canned CGI scripts, full CGI access, PHP5, SSH and Telnet
  • vanity domain names
  • MySQL, e-commerce
  • Analyzed access statistics and raw log files
  • Email forwarding, aliasing, auto-responding

Customers – Web Hosting Review Dreamhost

Target Customers

  • Entrepreneurs and Developers, individuals and small businesses
  • Individuals, small businesses, and developers
  • The best place to launch a blog, website, or web application

No. of Customers

  • 800,000+ websites
  • 400,000 customers

No. of Websites: 1.5 million sites

What for Customers?

  • Encourages businesses, professionals, and individuals to master their domain with comprehensive website solution and tools
  • Each hosting plan provides plenty of disk space and transfer allowance

Support: 24.7.365 by industry experts

Latest News – Web Hosting Review Dreamhost

  • (August 14, 2018) DreamHost Remixer Website Builder launches WordPress export feature to export themes, content to WordPress. It brings the portability feature to users and provides complete control and ownership of their data. The company embraces the in-development “Gutenberg” design paradigm, exporting block-based designs and content designed to work with the WordPress of today and tomorrow. The Remixer is available for no charge.
  • (Marketwired – Feb 8, 2017) DreamHost Unveils Remixer to Make Building Custom Websites Faster and Easier

Reliability and Uptime Report

It is speedy and user-friendly Web Hosting Service, with a facility of easy domain registration. The control panel of Dreamhost is very helpful and easy to use. Its best part is its uptime and stability. Surely it needs to spend some extra bucks as compared to other super cheap hosting services. However, spending extra bucks is worthy. It is best Web Hosting Service as compared to its competitors.

Plan and Pricing

Dreamhost offers the best quality services. Still, the company offering best services, the price for its services is affordable and competitive in today`s market. The staff of Dreamhost is extremely knowledgeable with highly experienced. The company has launched two web hosting packages, that are – Shared hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. Shared Hosting includes the service of free domain too. Moreover, it has launched two servers. Also, that are – Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers. Its cloud services offer 30 days free trial.

Features and Control Panel

DreamHost is a global leader in the field of cloud services and Web hosting. It has cost-effective cloud storage services i.e. highly flexible and scalable for Internet entrepreneurs and developers. It has web and application file serving, disaster recovery and website backup features for both persistent personal and business backup.

DreamHost, use its web panel that is fully unique. Its web panel helps to manage account, domains, files, e-mails and many more. Its web panel just works like the control panel.

Technical Support

Dreamhost trained technicians are available 24/7, who respond to the network and other hardware issues as soon as possible. Its dedicated server-nodes have extremely fast SSD’s that have 24/7 data access. Its tech support technicians are smart, knowledgeable and experienced, who take care of customer satisfaction.


The top pros of Dreamhost are – Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage Space, Customer Support, One Click Installation, Unlimited Addon Domains, Subdomains and SQL database, Competitive Price, Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP and many more.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Dreamhost provides the facility of money back within 97 days without any question. So, if you are not happy with its services then, you can just request them for cancellation within 97 days. Then, you will get the full refund.

Recent News: Announced support for version 2.0 of the Hypertext Transport Protocol, also known as HTTP/2. Managed virtual private servers or managed dedicated server customers running the Nginx web server can enable HTTP/2 on their websites with single checkbox within account control panels. It ensures data is secure, safe, and optimized for quick and efficient transfer across the internet.


Dreamhost is a pretty decent hosting company. However, it is not the cheapest hosting service but still is affordable. The bucks you will spend on it are worthy. It has improved its security since last time attack. However, Dreamhost still has much room to improve. It has outstanding features with its proprietary web panel. It is user-friendly also.

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