Resell Web Hosting in Five Easy Steps

1) Insight into reseller web hosting

You purchased the web hosting and now you are planning to resell it but don’t know how…so the answer is here, just follow the simple 5 steps given below to perform this task and you will find that you may have a good venture of web hosting.

2) Reselling Web Hosting

a. Get an Exceptional Domain Name – First of all, get an exceptional, a very unique and impressive domain name for your web hosting business as in reselling hosting, it plays an important role. Behind this, there are two reasons, first is search engine optimization (SEO) and second is branding. The concept is that people first of all should be able to search you on web to know that you are selling web hosting account and then they contact you.Next, your domain name must contain some keywords related to web hosting as everyone will search you via these keywords. You may check yourself by typing word host or hosting in any search engine and you will see top results containing this word. Now to get the name, try for the good search sites meant for domain like and check whether the name has already registered or not. If not, you may register for the same or on the other hand, purchased a domain name from the present owner. Now here you have a good domain name so let’s move to the next step.

b. Finding and Setting up a Great Web Hosting Reseller Account – Here you need to search and then set up a good web hosting reseller account. You may search for the various reseller hosting accounts providers at the link Now to select the best provider, you are required to check the great uptime offered by which companies as companies which offer frequent downtime are fail before they started. Brent Oxley, founder of Web hosting reseller, mentioned that there are some relevant add-ons which are offered by many reseller providers at free of cost.

    • Domain Reseller Account
    • Billing Manager
    • Fantastico
    • Support of multi language control panel

Now your reseller account has been set up, so let’s move to the next step.

c. Set up a Great Website and Order Form – Now as to build good customer database, have a great website which looks professional and for this it is essential that they should be developed by a professional. Professionals designed your site as you want, may be a little bit costly but offer great satisfactory work.Whatever way you chosen, it is necessary that close attention must be paid by you to the process of log in or sign up. Order Form must be prepared in a user friendly manner, easy and simple to fill. A summary page must be there which helps your customers to review the order they make before buying anything.

d. Driving Qualified Traffic to Your Website – Now there must be some traffic so as to attract the customers to our new site. There are various solutions but one solution which works a lot and get successful, especially for online businesses working on a small scale is Google’s AdWords advertising. To use this, first set up a Google AdWords account by following several steps. The process takes less than 2 hours to complete. And you may see that qualified traffic is reaching to your site in less than 24 hrs. So, traffic generates for your site, now move to the last and final step.

e. Reselling Web Hosting -Differentiate Your Offering- Now to resell your hosting, you must offer something different and unique to your customers so that they will attract towards you. You may do this by offering a special offer, discount or promotion or by offering those services together which other companies may not offer; it hardly matters what is unique in your offer, be sure that it’s different.At the end, I just want to say that if anyone follows these five steps, then they can have a great new business venture.