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Choose New Web Host

  • If a web host fails to provide much needed expansion requirements or technical support you need to upgrade to one that can meet your growth needs then you must quit that host and transforms to a new host.
  •  Make sure you have accurate and updated copies of all content, databases, scripts, and clientele lists,its essential to have the backup of all your data before moving to new host.
  • Select a new service that is similar to your old one as far as technology is concerned. And that you are using the latest design software and that the host has the latest server versions. This will maximize site efficiency.
  • Check carefully the hosting service agreement pertaining to the new host.
  • Choose a dedicated environment that will offer more capacity for dealing with online customers and provide adequate bandwidth allowances.
  • Check out the benefits of an annual plan against a monthly one.
  • Find out if your new web hosts are reliable, honest, and competent. The people running the web hosting service must comprehend the technology thoroughly and keep abreast of new developments.
  • Check forums to see if the new host you have selected has good reviews and whether there are any valid complaints.
  • The host must ensure that your site is up and running 24/7 for 365 days. The pages must load instantly.
  • Programming language: Is your site written using only plain html? Then this item in the checklist is not important. If it is written in ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, Perl, Java or any other programming language, you need to check the hosting plan to see if it supports that particular programming language. If you're not sure about which programming language was used, ask your programmer about it. If you bought a script or you use an open source one, check its requirements.
  • Web Server and Operating System: Some scripts need Apache web server to run. Others need IIS running on a Windows server. Verify your script requirements or check with your programmer to see if you need to get Linux or Windows based hosting, and if it matters which the web server is.
  • Database: Does your website use a database? If so, then you need one. The hosting package may include a MySQL database, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, or Access. Again, verify your script requirements or check with your programmer to see which database you need. It is also nice to have a utility to manage the database, so look in the hosting plan details to see if they offer a tool like phpMyAdmin, for example. phpMyAdmin is a commonly used admin tool for MySQL databases.

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