The media picks up a shocking amount of information, stories, and ideas from social media websites these days. Thus social media has become a substantial part of journalism. For most businesses, direct reach to pitch stories on media is very tough. Although most think it is a sustained and relation-building exercise, hosting providers share stories via social media instead of waiting for media to publish press releases or write about them.

Social media is within easy reach to all these companies; their PR, marketing, and communication staff regularly share industry-related news and information on their social media platforms.

“It's excellent access. It's approachable. It's unfiltered. It's cheaper. Its current and more measurable.”

Social media platforms help in stakeholders' development. The companies create specifically or republish from the existing blog or other sources.

The hosting companies share valuable & engaging content for a better impact. The media picks up the trending content from various social media platforms, thus providing a fast way to connect. Hence, companies research content, share it from personal and branded channels, and boost it, reaching maximum members fastly around the world. Most hosting providers often earn media in top-tier publications, but still, they need to put effort and support into social media to push and extend the message to get the best value. The hosting companies focus on Social media, enabling them to communicate and message directly to their stakeholders. 

Online Media Sources

  • Quora: Give direct answers to vital hosting queries or resolutions to most problems.
  • Reddit: Major publications use Reddit to source exciting stories. 
  • Twitter: Major news outlets cover Twitter trends and hashtags. Businesses use hashtags and tagging strategically to get solid media coverage.
  • Facebook: The media houses rely heavily on Facebook and other platforms to source and research stories.
  • Linkedln: The hosting provider shares company & industry updates or short articles summarizing the case study and addressing the customer's pain points. The platform provides an excellent opportunity to reach a more comprehensive industry niche audience. It is a much faster way to get an audience and spread the word than waiting for traditional media to publish their contribution. The platform provides higher potential ROI.
  • YouTube: Video sharing brings stories to life and elicits a more robust emotional response.
  • Blogging Website: The media proactively look for news and resources, Not just de-tails to enhance stories but entire stories.
  • Press Releases: Information shared by companies
  • Newsletters: The hosting providers reach their followers and new contacts with monthly updates, newsletters, or mass emails. Regular shares help them to build a long relationship with their stakeholders.