Content Analyzer offers eight pre-configured searches for errors or potential weaknesses throughout your site. You can access these searches through Tools on the strip menu and Quick Search on the pull-down menu.

Pre-configured Quick Searches

The following lists the quick searches available and indicates what running them will reveal to the user.

  • Broken Links: Shows links that do not successfully connect to their destination object.
  • Home Site Objects: Shows objects that share the same domain as your home page, and determines whether an object needing maintenance or repair accessed through the local security structure.
  • Images without ALT: Reveals images are lacking the optional ALT text string, allowing one to determine which graphics would not display a placeholder label to text-only browsers because this string is missing.
  • Load Size Over 32K: Shows which resources require more than 32 KB of data to pass over your communications link during load, indicating which resources might need to be streamlined to reduce their download time.
  • Non-Home Site Objects: Lists objects that do not share the same domain as your home page, thus revealing which linked pages are not under your immediate control. You will want to test the reliability of these links frequently.
  • Not Found Objects (404): Lists objects that could not be located when the site was mapped, revealing which objects have links that must be removed or repaired.
  • Unavailable Objects: Reveals objects that could not be located, or could not be accessed when located. This could be due to a down host server, a broken communication link, or password protection on the object.
  • Unverified Objects: Shows objects that have not been checked to determine whether they are accessible.