Linux hosting Cloud prevents the hosting operation from unwanted traffic. CloudLinux allows user to isolate virtualized and lightweight environments and to maintain the excessive use of resources. Additionally, this hosting plan delivers the user’s control through many hosting plans or websites. These features ensure user that the server will be free from any unlimited spikes. This hosting runs currently production servers which are more than 30,000 in numbers. Cloud Linux makes Linux more stable, profitable and secure. This hosting provides in-depth technical knowledge related to hosting. Kernel development is also an additional feature in Linux hosting cloud.

Why Linux hosting cloud is so popular

Linux distribution runs on pre-installed Linux cloud server with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. There is an experienced full root access without having shared software resources, and kernel will be compiled in this hosting. This hosting is 5-day free trial sign up and get RAM, SSD, and CPU. No automatic charges are applied till trial ends. The technical expertise gives support to the clients. The company provides services by software developers. The server can be assembled to fulfill the requirements. Our virtual management has updated virtualization back-end, built on most excellent Linux KVM virtualization having available I/O SSD storage options.

How to choose Linux hosting cloud

The virtual servers and hard drives offer customization with some physical server. The OS used in this hosting are Windows, Linux, and BSD. The data centers are global all around the world. There are ten websites established on four continents that ensure very fast access of the data. To purchase the OS, a new license will be made. A physical server is established for customization level and control on interface. The plan of pricing is built to fulfill the requirements of user. Customer has different options of operating systems and software packages. The options in operating system involve Microsoft Windows Server and Linux distributions.

Application utilization

The technical support is provided to the customer. New VPS platform is created to help customer. Cloud Linux enables tech startups, development shops and integrators for efficient and easy business. Technical support is provided 24/7 to solve the query. The storage of cloud file is designed with APIs web service which scaled application automatically depends upon requirements. This hosting is easy to start and select software on the platform of AMI (Amazon Machine Images). This software can be installed easily by 1-click launch or console.


The advantages of this hosting are that it is inexpensive, secure, flexible and reliable. As it offers a secure environment, infrastructure and data centers. Amazon delivers EC2 service commitment which has availability of 99.95% for each and every region. The functionality of robust networking is available for resources computing. This hosting offers flexible software packages with multiple operating systems. User has a facility to configure CPU, memory, boot partition and instance storage. The facility of boot partition is available for data retaining.


Default VPC is created by a user to launch instances, network ACLs, VPN connections, security group filtering, dedicated instances and private subnets. The additional isolation provides provision for resources on platform of dedicated resources. Dedicated resources add hardware and provide it to the customer. Linux hosting cloud ultimately provides an excellent platform for users to establish their server and gives secure environment. The customers will be satisfied fully by these services.