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Hosted email Security

Hosted Email Security

Nowadays protection from fast attacks and new threats in using email service is a must. Every second person is using email services either for official purpose or for personal use. There is no doubt that email service is very useful but is quite perilous as well. A risk in using email service is not affecting its popularity since it is more fruitful than dangerous. Web hosting companies are trying their best to render email services with protection from fast attacks and threats, but it is required to take few steps from a person while using hosted email for more security.

Latest Technology

A person is using cloud-based email security service which is the latest one & saves time & money with stress-free usage.A person is able to use hosted email services via a web hosting provider. It can be a premium one or a free service. Whatever it is but should clean spam and viruses so that network stays pure & lesser down the risk of using it. A person should keep full control of his email security settings to be sure that it is protected from any type of attacks and threats.Hosted email security should screen a person's incoming and outgoing emails on his server in the cloud so that relieving a person from troubles he can face. A person should be able to stop confidential data from leaking out in email more ordinarily known as DLP or data loss prevention. It is a must to have for email hosting provider as well as hosted email.

Readiness for Security

When a person selects & go for hosted email security, then he gets various antecede performance benefits. First one is scalability. A sudden change in an activity that can shut down on a premise setup should not happen with a person's email. It can be avoided because of huge and redundant server capacity of hosted email security.
The second one is availability which can be divided into many parts. Multiple data center increase features and redundancy, cooling of the system, speedy Internet connection availability and equipment clusters are few to name. Hosted email security provider can also stop email spoofing if the infrastructure of a person goes down.
The third one is global coverage which means for complete hosted email security of a person hosted email should have global coverage. It should allow email to flow via data center located around the world. So they should guard everywhere & with proper security. Their system should detect and deflect new threats on the fly by halting emerging invaders on their way.It should protect Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and other hosted and on-premises email solutions. Email encryption should be included in the base offer provided by any email hosts.

Insecurity via Facility

The main problem with email security is email system designing. It is designed in a way to facilitate the communication in between two or more people. Even if these two addresses are on totally different networks detached by a long distance which could be of thousands of miles or few meters. The need for this elapsed communication is a part of strategy what makes email extremely useful, but it makes email usage more difficult to be secure.


A hosted email service is provided via web hosting service providers that can let an individual to employ email servers with legitimate security.

Latest News

In May 2019, Numan Ozdemir disclosed Several vulnerabilities in the popular open-source Horde web email software which hackers can exploit to steal the contents of the victim's webmail inboxes. The attackers can trick to click on a malicious link in an email that would scrape and download a victim's entire inbox to the attacker's server.

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