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Linux hosting

Selecting a hosting server or a reseller hosting service provider could be a difficult task. So the purpose of this article is to educate you on Linux web hosting services and the various benefits that are associated with it. However, before you go out and hire a particular service provider you must do sufficient amount of research; you should take the time in doing some research on the internet to look up names. Compare the prices that various service providers are offering; when going to a particular service provider you must try to go for a reputed company that has been operating for a number of years. Linux is a program that is of open source which means it provides the users with an opportunity to implement other internet-based applications.

A Linux web hosting based services provider is known for providing security and highly reliable services. These services are known to reduce the overall costs substantially; this is one reason why business houses are opting for Linux hosting services.

These services are not expensive at all; so people or business houses with a limited budget can also afford to avail these services. When you are using a Linux web hosting service you will have access to multiple domains, a MySQL database and a wide range of e-commerce tools. All of these services are available for affordable charges.

Since the program is open sourced in nature you will be able to download it for free of charge unlike some of the other software. You can make changes to the software as per your requirement and you can do all of this without having to pay a penny for licensing. You will have to bear all of the costs for distribution.

This software offers a lot of security unlike some of the other software; the good thing is that you will be permitted to add certain additional patches of security for additional security.

These Linux web hosting services are very user-friendly so it becomes easy for a layman to implement them. Since these services are very easy a person from a nontechnical background can also use them without facing any problems at all.

How to run a reseller hosting plans

With the evolution of the digital market, web hosting gained surmount attention. Every business wants to make its online presence. Today e-commerce industry has made the enormous change in marketing strategies and patterns.But some small business owner is not able to maintain their own server due to the constraint in available budget. So they prefer to choose reseller hosting companies for their website. Due to this fact reseller business has carved a huge niche in the market.

A reseller hosting provider rents their server space from a big provider and utilizes the back-end services provided by them. They sell and distribute server space for a profit margin. Here are some tips for establishing reseller hosting business:-

  1. A proper business plan and Initial Capital: Prior to set up a business one should first understand and analyze the scope of business. It should be analyzed whether your business plan is to provide a basic, advanced or various type of hosting. Accordingly, the price packages and hosting type should be managed by the company. When the plan is ready Initial capital need arises. Basic fund and set up are required. This includes power systems, high-speed bandwidth service, payment processing solutions, and legal formalities to start a company.

  2. Choosing backend hosting provider: The prices packages and plans should be compared and accordingly server space and bandwidth should be checked. While choosing the provider their track record and user review should be checked.User review is the best medium to get known of the real stands of a company. Further many of the web hosting provider comparison company are there which provide real-time analysis, user sentiments and uptime /downtime statistics which will be helpful in choosing one.
  3. Administration and Monitoring: The server should be administered and monitored properly to prevent the downtimes.By proper monitoring, one get known of the glitches if happens and can prevent downtimes fulfilling customer needs.

Cloud a future :

Now the cloud has emerged as an efficient solution in IT market. Some cloud features like low upfront cost, flexibility, and scalability are making it as a preferred choice for the customer. Therefore reseller hosting providers are now adopting cloud environment to lure customers. It ensures long-term IT market which traditional on-premises sale does not ensure.

With the end of support for Microsoft 2003, many businesses with the customized system have to face forced reimplementation. Thus customer tends to evaluate the better approach. This created a huge opportunity for a reseller to offer cloud option.Reseller can earn huge profit by incorporating their knowledge and skills. By capitalizing their industry experience to cloud platform which is rapidly deployable offering international e-commerce capabilities, warehouse management and delivering mobile business capabilities could attract a potential market for a reseller. It is secure to deliver complex projects with a cloud. It is platform provider responsibility to take care of upgrades, infrastructure, and front-line software support.

Recently Scan Source a technology product distributor announced a new cloud channel program where reseller will be able to access cloud app, support and service one source. They can get products from multiple vendors, product support, and marketing services to help them promote their services.

Why cloud still a fear:

Still, there are barriers to cloud computing as reseller deceptively re-brand legacy services substituting a word ‘cloud’ with them. More often customers panic complexity of managing cloud because of obscure OS patching, connectivity and performance responsibility. It requires a good business sense and prudent vendor support to complete transition to a cloud service selling model. By understanding the cash flow implication, implementation time of cloud services, sales cycle, and transition management may be the key to adopt cloud as a service.

Linux hosting and small business hosting

Linux hosting has also proved very beneficial to small business houses as they are not expensive but at the same time, they yield great results provided they are implemented properly. By using Linux hosting services you can make sure that your website stays up all the time without experiencing any technical difficulties. Most of the service providers provide strong customer support and are very prompt in replying to the customer’s query on any issue technical or non-technical

Linux is compatible with all computers

The benefits of Linux hosting can be enjoyed by students from universities and colleges as this software can run on old computers and also because it is free. Students can do some research on the code and make changes and reconfigure the whole operating systems. Follow the tips very closely and you can utilize the software to your benefit.

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