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Resolve Data Centers Failure

In today's world it seems that the fastest changing entity is the technology. It is improving every second with new norms and new standards. In this scenario it is pretty difficult to say that there is any data center that is just perfect and has no scope of improvement. Today there are several types of changes that one simply has to bring about in his or her data centers that will improve the performance and the output of your data centers. There are certain area which you can easily overlook and which in the long run will prove to be harmful for the development and the overall performance of your data center. Taking them into consideration and working on them will definitely be a good idea. Here I try to summarize these factors in following points:

Data Center Design:

Data center design bears a very close relation to its efficiency of working. There are set guidelines and norms that should be followed by every data center and the standards should be met. This ensures that the data center works at its maximum efficiency and its performance is not affected adversely due to some design fault. It is necessary to ensure that each and every components of the data center is up to the set mark. If you feel that your data center is not up to the mark and needs small or drastic improvements then it is good to go for a makeover. You can go for a redesign or you can go for a completely new design starting from scratch. You really need to strike a balance between what your requirements are and what your pocket can afford. Considering the same you can decide what you want to go for.

Scope of Expansion:

When you are designing a data center it is extremely essential that you keep in mind that in future your requirements are going to increase and you might need to expand. The resources with which you start your business will soon start looking scarce and then requirement of more floor area will be staring at you. Be ready for that moment. Keep scope for future expansion or else you might fall back in the race.

The security mechanism should be in place:

Every data center owner's worst nightmare is data loss due to compromised security. It can be easily avoided with all the wonderful security gadgets available today. With these systems and securities you can easily figure out how to provide robust security to servers, equipments and data. Some such methods that can be used are: ensure that your data center is built on the right spot, always have redundant facilities ready, have buffer zone around the site, have plenty of cameras, use high end technology equipments for ideying people like retina scans and card readers, pay attention to both entry point and exit points & make fire doors exit only. There should be no loop holes in the security system.

Inadequate server management:

Typically server management can be handled in two different ways. You can either go to the server physically and perform maintenance tasks or else it can be done from a distance that is remote maintenance. But in any case it should be done regularly.

Temperature matters:

There is specific range of temperature defined to be maintained at the data center . Proper care should be taken that the temperature does not go beyond these figure, neither high nor low. Cooling should be done properly and also there should be no windows which can be responsible for un necessary heating with sunshine.

If proper care is taken you can have optimum performance from your data center without any problems.

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