It's a new world now; after this Corona Pandemic, businesses rely more on social media to communicate, share information and advertise. Social media usage has grown extensively, and the platforms built for communities, connecting people socially, are now becoming the tools for commercialization. The platforms which were meant for people's interaction are the meeting place for companies to communicate with their customers directly. The media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn look this to gain profitability. I think they should now change the terms like ‘members' as ‘prospect customers or consumers.'

The PR, marketing, and communication managers look at these platforms as their marketing tools for their unique customer base. They plan to create strategies and goals to engage an audience, gain loyalty and thus develop a huge impact. The platforms designed to make the social environment have become the industry's tools to seek comments, feedback, or preception of their niche customers. Indeed, people are also customers, and if they are available on social media, the companies will go there behind them.

The original purpose of the social media platforms is changed significantly, and businesses are more involved in it to bring effect and impact through their strategic communications. The news media also find social media an easy tool to access information, and mass media is evolving now as niche media. Different news channels for a diverse audience and social media have become essential for journalists. The people comments on the various news also do the fact-check. Every news media look to create a solid audience base or followers on social media platforms. They want to maximize reach; hence, more and more people receive the news, updates, and brand advertorials from their posts.