Image Hosting Vs. Video Hosting

Image Hosting is the process that facilitates user for uploading an image on an internet website. The image will be stored by an image host on its server and code will be available to other users so that they can easily approach that image. The websites of image hosting deliver a peculiar platform for uploading. The upload platform is like a form at which image file position can be easily specified on user’s local computer file system. By clicking on submit button, the file can be easily synced on host’s server. An uploader will be easily allowed by image host to upload multiple files at a time by making it a ZIP file. Nowadays, many image hosting and video hosting websites are available for users.

Main Factors of Image Hosting

1. Reliable service
2. Multiple files can be uploaded
3. Image URL is peculiar
4. Encrypted photo albums
5. Customized subdomains
6. Flexibility in bandwidth

Image Hosting Services

Image Hosting services allow users for FTP access in which many files can be easily uploaded using FTP software or browser of FTP. Hosted images are enclosed to other websites using specified inline links.

Flicker Tool: Using this tool the user can upload photos by his own camera phone which should have the capability of email service.

Instagram: This website delivers photo sharing services and user has to register himself first then only he can use it. It is owned by Facebook.

Imgur: In this free image hosting is provided, and registration is not required anymore.

Ipernity: This provides the facility of photo and video sharing, blog, and groups. The unlimited images are displayed this year.

How to choose Image Hosting

For the best image hosting, user has to take care of many important points that should follow an outstanding hosting. These points are as follows:

  1. Identification: Image hosting has a great potential that can identify the images easily that where and when they are being utilized. Whenever there will be a request for an image accessing then image host will log date and numeric Internet address related to the request. In spam case, all messages involve their peculiar image URLs which are particular to that provided messages. This eccentric URL is required in tracking ID so that image host will be authorized to encrypt the message and will know the recipient also in addition to above authorization.
  2. Cost: Number of image hosting is free, and some of them do not require any registration. Free image hosting is supported by many features like thumbnail pages, advertisements on top pages or not found pages. Advertisements for users enhance image size and bandwidth limits also.
  3. Tools: Image hosting provides tools to design galleries and photoblogs with user’s images and make a slide show by those images. Some tools are outstanding that provides an ability to append the notes to the user so that these can be used on side loaders and browser sidebars.
There are top image and video hosting websites which provides free hosting also:

1. Imageshacks: User can upload multiple images at a time. The image size is limited that is 1.5 MB.
2. This website allows free hosting of images, music, videos and ringtones.
3. Flicker: This website is made by Yahoo Inc in which user can share and upload his photos in a much-secured atmosphere.
4. ImageVat: There is no size limit in image uploading and in any format it can be uploaded easily.
5. PostImage: Multiple photos or single photo can be uploaded from URL or computer. The forum is excellent, and user can easily use a script for image uploading in his forum. All the uploaded images will be hosted in a count name which is
6. ImageCloset: This website delivers fast server for any saved images. The uploaded image is having a size of 1MB and formats are PNG, GIF, and JPG.