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WordPress Tools

WordPress is popular among bloggers all around the globe and is most preferred Content Management System. Credit goes to the advantages that WordPress offers.

WordPress offers unique advantage of having two editors:

Most of the experts of editing advocate offline editing as it is safer.

Migrate your WordPress website to InmotionHosting

WordPress feature with number of plugins. All plugin are helpful in making wordpress site effective and spam free. Below discussed are some useful plugins.

1) WordPress Security Plugins

Security of WordPress installatio increases by this plugin. By using these plugin users can secure their wordpress site from spammers.

2) WordPress Google XML Sitemaps(SEO plugins)

Creating XML sitemaps have lot of work but by using Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it can be created easily and automatically. It will increases visibility of website for search engines.

3)Plugins for Facebook and Twitter

In Today's e-market social media has become a pivotal aspect for any enterprises. These plugin can be integrated into WordPress website and allow visitors to “like” WordPress posts and automatically tweets your posts.

Intro to Migrating your WordPress Site data

Make sure you have access of WordPress files as database associated with it.

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