All of the features and components of IIS are fully supported on Windows NT server.

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation

PWS running on Windows NT Workstation work well for personal publishing, workgroup site hosting and remote administration of an IIS server running on Windows NT Server. PWS running on Windows NT workstation provides all of the IIS functionality excpet:

  • Index Server
  • Certificate Server
  • Multiple Web Site Hosting
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) logging
  • Internet Protocol (IP) restrictions
  • Process isolation.


Windows NT Security

You may want to review and enable Windows NT Server security features to help secure your IIS installation. These Windows NT security features include:

  • Using a complex password scheme.
  • Maintaining strict account policies such as limiting the Guest account to specific directories on the server.
  • Limiting the membership of the administrators group.
  • Running only the service and protocols required by your system.
  • Checking permission on network shares.
  • Enabling auditing.
  • Formatting drives as NTFS and applying appropriate permissions.


Process Isolation

Process isolation enables applications to run in a separate memory space from the Web and other applications. This provides a higher level of reliability for organizations running Web applications because Process isolation prevents an unstable application from crashing the server.

The integration of IIS with Microsoft Transaction Server allows Report Writer to run as a component in the MTS environment and to take advantage of capabilities such as process isolation, transactions and scalability.

Server Side Java Virtual Machine

Server Side Java Virtual machine is a high performance and reliable Virtual Machine for creating and running Java components on the server. It provides developers with an industry standard, high performance platform for building and deploying Java based applications.

Certificate Authentication

With certificate authentication, clients can be mapped to a Windows NT Server user account using the industry standard client certificates such as X.509 digital certificates. Using this feature, administrators are able to provide users with single logon servers to network resources using client certificates.

Certificate wild-card mapping allows administrators to authenticate users without having access to the actual certificate. This provides administrators with the ability to map users to a Windows NT server user account using third party certificates such as those issued by VeriSign.

Internet Domain Blocking

Domain blocking allows administrators to grant or deny access to content on their server by domain. Report Writer provides a reliable way for administrators to control access to content by either granting or denying access to content on the server to all the users from a a specified Internet domain.