The following is a summary of the features associated with the MMC interface:

Scope pane : the left window in the MMC, the scope pane corresponds to the left pane in Microsoft Windows NT Explorer. The scope pane lists all the services that can be administered through the MMC. This may include multiple servers and multiple services, such as Microsoft Transaction server and FTP server.

Results pane : The right window in the MMC, the results pane corresponds to the right pane in the Windows NT Explorer. When you select a node in the scope pane, the result pane displays a list of all elements and services that fall within the domain of that selected node.

Rebar : The MMC has three menu bars. The lowest of these three is the Rebar. The Rebar consists of Action and View pull down menus, plus two additional toolbars or bands. The commands associated with Rebar menus and bands all change with respect to the selected node. Functions tied to individual services such as the Performance Monitor for IIS are all found on the Rebar.

Nodes: Nodes, which appear in the tree view of the scope pane, are instances of individual services. For example, a computer on a network or a Web service on a particular server may appear as as node in the scope pane of the MMC. You can open the property sheets of any node by right clicking on it and selecting Properties from the pop up menu.

Icons: The icons in the scope pane depict an object, service or item.