In today’s world, image hosting plays a major role over the internet. Importance of image hosting can be understood as websites are nothing more than an uninteresting group of words with images. Through image hosting sites and apps you can distribute images easily and can access them from anywhere. Whether you create graphic design work or snapping off images of the family, image hosting can be really proficient.
In traditional image hosting, designers had to keep their graphics designs on bulky zip drives to distribute else bring them to the customers. But nowadays, those images can be uploaded and shared quickly through image hosting service.

Image Hosting Major Factors:

  1. Shareable on social media site
  2. Allocated drive space
  3. Ease of use with mobile devices
  4. Saving of different image formats
  5. Options to make the image private

Image Hosting Services:

Image hosting websites allow you to upload store and share your pictures from anywhere. Let’s check out some popular image hosting services.

  • PhotoBucket- It is the place where you can share your images and creative skills with the community of other members. Through this, you can get new ideas and learn from other photographers so you can increase your talents.
  • Zenfolio and SlickPic- These sites offer easy photo editing by using photo editor. In addition, they let you elaborate custom websites to display media and images and give more focus on photo slideshow or blogs.

How to choose Best image hosting site: Features

When you are looking for the best and affordable image hosting site you need to understand what are the features and options available so you can select the perfect image hosting. Required features on any image hosting sites:

  • Flexibility- Number of features is not important but how intuitively and visually appealing these features are designed. It is vital for the websites to be attractive and appealing to the visitors. A feature of flexibility is also necessary. A service provider must offer out of their service features.
  • Easy Uploading- Every time clients add pictures to their online image hosting site, so this uploading process should be simple and easy. Capacity to upload images of various sizes is important along with an ability to upload a group of images.
  • Multimedia features- Every image hosting site must have multimedia options such as making a blog by using image hosting. To share pictures with friends and family, choose those providers which allow creating a slideshow of the images and offering you to create your own website.
  • Print and other product options- Every image hosting sites must offer to create prints of photographs and develop personalized photo gifts like canvases, postcards, posters and more.
  • Support- Great support and help while using image hosting site is necessary. It should be easy to reach a support representative via chat or phone call.

Therefore, choosing the right online image hosting site will offer to keep your pictures safe and well organized. If you are searching for some renowned and popular image hosting sites then below are some of those websites. These sites help you to create your work of image uploading safely and easily.

1. Imgur- Popular image uploader, less time-consuming site
2. Flicker- Share images and video globally
3. DeviantArt- Upload unlimited images but should not exceed more than 30MB
4. PhotoBucket- Accountholders can use up to 10GB bandwidth and 2GB storage capacity
5. ShutterFly- Enjoy free and unlimited image storage
6. PixaBay- Share high-quality public domain photos with free browse
7. 500px- Enjoy 20 uploads per week
8. TinyPic- No need to login or open an account for uploading images or videos
9. SmugMug- Enjoy unlimited storage capacity
10. Panoramio- Totally free to register and upload unlimited images.