Companies Using WordPress

WordPress used by more than ten leading companies. The WordPress is the tool for free and open source blogging. The tool can be used as CMS as well. There are many non-blogging sites as well who are using this tool for CMS. WordPress is also utilized for the websites of the leading brands.

Nikon, Harvard University, Andy Roddick, Platinum Games, Nokia, Ford are among the 10 Leading Companies Using WordPress. The companies choose the tool for its wonderful themes, Plug-in, Widgets and so on. The multiple options make them able to have total control over their site. Firstly the users can switch and decide the themes that they prefer.

Through using the ‘Appearance’ administration tool, the themes can be altered. Users can upload the theme folders through FTP, PHP, HTML and CSS code. The themes can be added and edited according to the requirements. The WordPress can carry thousands of themes together. Some of the theme templates are free, and some are pay and use.

Then there is the aspect of Plug-ins. The Plug-in architectures make way for the users to spread its abilities much more than the core installation. Having over 26000 plug-in database WordPress offers custom functions. There are some other features as well that help the users to make their sites according to the requirements.

The leading brands and companies are the perfect examples of the proficiency of WordPress. No wonder about the 10 Leading Companies Using WordPress. Previously on installing WordPress, the user could have one blog. But presently on installation, multiple blogs can be used. A centralized maintainer can take care of all the blogs. The multi-user facility of the WordPress allows the users to control and host their blogging communities. Also, the user can modify and control the blogs from a single dashboard.

Another very important reason for the companies’ to depend on WordPress is that the tool can be operated from the laptops and desktops as well as through the mobiles. Though the options are limited in the mobiles, yet the reach of this tool made the companies have all the more dependent on it.

The WordPress also has the integrated link management system. This system extremely searches engine friendly. At the same time, there are automatic filters attached to this tool. They supply the standardized formatting and text stylization for the articles. Apart from that, there are numerous supportive features attached to WordPress.

As WordPress is a free and open source platform, the tool is also dependent on the support it gets from the peers. The tool can also support the trackback standards. This is helpful for the display of the other sites linked with the posts or articles.

On keeping a regular backup of the works done in this tool, and taking some security measures, the tool can serve the companies a multifunctional purpose. No wonder we can see in the present competitive market at least 10 Leading Companies Using WordPress with absolute confidence and satisfaction.