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Top Windows Web Hosting Companies

When you settle for one web hosting company to host your website among numerous factors consider your operating system also as it plays an important role in hosting. The operating system like Linux, Mac, Windows decides that what type of database to carry and kinds of scripts to run. Here, we discuss some facts about windows web hosting. This kind of web hosting makes use of Microsoft’s Windows software to host your website. The database that supported by Windows operating system is a MySQL server database and it allows ASP scripts to run that basically make use of Microsoft and .NET programming language. Here you can create websites that are really supportable with Microsoft products as Windows provides you a good user-friendly platform. Windows hosting is currently in demand and it provides you a convenient way to go online.

Windows Web Hosting Features

Simple To Use

The hosting company that provides you windows hosting can easily present your website. Downloading and uploading of the website is very easy while using this type of web hosting. Websites that are based on windows hosting features need little bit alterations and thus your website can be straightforwardly launched. Windows-based sites do not need so much time to resolve the errors. Here you can simply set up the permission to access specific files and folders in your website.

Easy to Install Application

Windows based hosting service you can easily install new applications in your storage space provided by the provider. Hosting provider allows an easy addition to your websites. Through this type of installation, you can easily increase the functionality of the website. Your service provider can also add further applications to your website which gives extra benefits to your website functionality, on your behalf.

Customer support

Windows-based web hosting will give you very efficient customer and technical support because lots of the people have awareness about an operating system and they are able to deliver you the finest solutions to all your troubles. Windows based hosting companies will give you full technical support as well. Downtime of such hosting services is not so much longer so you can be assured of first class service.

One more thing to consider here is that you can get reseller web hosting service also. In which you can host your other websites easily, in your disk space.

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