Windows Scripting Host is the language independent scripting host for 32-bit windows platforms. WSH enables you to execute scripts directly on the Windows desktop (wscript.exe) or command console (cscript.exe), without embedding those scripts in an HTML document. WSH is ideal for non-interactive scripts needs such as logon scripting and administrative scripting.

The Web Publishing Wizard (WPW) is a client side application that helps users post web pages to an IIS web site by automating the process of copying files from your computer to a web server. The WPW connects to the ISP, determine the protocol needed to copy the files, and uploads the files to the appropriate directory on the ISP computer.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages is an open, compile free application environment in which developers can combine the ease of HTML with familiar tools like Visual Basic scripting and reusable Microsoft Active X server components to create dynamic and powerful websites. ASP enables server side scripting for IIS with native support for both VBScript and JScript.

Posting Acceptor

The Posting Acceptor is a component of Site Server Express. It enables IIS to accept Web content from the WPW, Netscape Navigator, Content Replication Server and other clients using HTTP.

Microsoft FrontPage 98 Server Extensions

IIS incorporates Microsoft FrontPage98 Server extensions, which allows users to take advantage of the administration features of FrontPage98 in managing their website.