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Web Hosting is when files are housed, maintained and served for multiple web sites. Hosting providers provide internet bandwidth for those web sites. Companies and individuals use hosting to store publically accessible content on the web, such as images, video or corporate information. Customers rent space and bandwidth for their website on a remote computer. Your web host, which is the computer where your company stores your files, assigns an IP address through DNS for your web files to your domain name. This DNS address helps anyone find your web site using your domain name.

Web hosting providers are nothing but one which provides bandwidth to the web sites and the web hosting companies provide web hosting services to its users. Hosting service is a type of internet web hosting service through which individuals or organizations can make their website or web pages accessible to others through internet.

With increasing market of web hosting there are many web hosting providers which allow us to create a web site and use it for various purposes. These purposes may include hosting sites for commercial purposes like buying and selling of goods over internet or for eBook writing or for downloading products or for personal purposes. For this these sites provide their client with various plan like $1 web hosting in which these companies provide various features needed for hosting a web sites on the monthly rent other plans include reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Linux based hosting etc.

All these web hosting providers provide us with almost same features. The main purpose of these companies is to provide maximum features like online site builder, domain name, cheap web hosting plans, plenty of disk space, data transfer, unlimited bandwidth etc at least expected cost. These companies offer cheap website hosting prices, outstanding services, and free domain names. As the competition is rising in this field so they also provide money back guaranty if we are not satisfied with your current web hosting provider.

Choosing a web hosting provider can be very confusing, if you are new to web hosting and just want to get your web site. Most hosting providers offer a variety of bandwidth options in their plans.

Choosing the Right Web Designer: Creating your web site can be a tricky process. Choosing the best web design company for your site is extremely important.

Many hosting providers offer multiple hosting plans with a range of prices, usually as low as $1.45 a month and as high as your service requires.

Most hosting plans include:

The hosting providers offer cheap web hosting, as many of the web hosts operate their own data centers, hosting servers, and bandwidth. You can find affordable web hosting. These web hosting providers also offer Green Hosting and Email Hosting showcases so we can find web hosting products that best suit our company. These hosts can help us build and promote our website, and help us optimize our search engine placement for our domain name.

There dedicated servers and virtual private servers are perfect for larger businesses with traffic-intensive web sites. We can run gaming applications, enterprise applications, or run our own development environment.

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