Services Offered

  • Applications on a control panel,
  • security solutions, and
  • web hosting management applications


  • A favorite cPanel theme and robust tool for admins
  • For customizing the control panel theme with a unique interface that differentiates hosting providers' business.
  • RVadmintools: The intuitive tool for admins, which makes easier and faster to manage a control panel. It’s compatible with both cPanel Theme and RVskin Theme. The admins can disable and hide un-used functions.
  • RVlogin Add-on: The single sign-on tool allowing admins or user to log into servers faster. It provides built-in two-factor authentication, an extra layer of security.
  • RVskin Theme and RVskin Manager: The admins and users can customize the theme to make it personalized.

Other Services Offered

  • SSL certificates

Customers: Hosting companies around the world

What about Customers?