Microsoft has simplified web authoring and managing task with FrontPage which is now supported by windows and Linux. Microsoft FrontPage web publishing software has been there for 18 years, with mainstream support dropped by 14 April 2009 and with extension support by 8 April 2014. To take advantage of web hosting server we must have FrontPage server extension equipped with a server. Microsoft FrontPage server extension is a collection of a program which is installed in addition to a web server which tells the server how to respond to commands.

How does FrontPage extension work?

The FrontPage extensions work through three Web technologies: ISAPI, (Internet Server Application Program Interface), CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and HTTP. CGI and ISAPI allow dynamic interaction between visitors and the server. When sites are hand-coded, File transfer protocol is used to communicate with a server. The prominent feature of frontpage is that client does not have to worry about an update of a website if any change is made. FrontPage has its built-in interface for editing and uploading content. It is set to function with three features:-

  • Authoring: The FrontPage extensions are built in to accommodate with FrontPage desktop application which coordinates with file creation and management. It takes care of the embedded content if they are properly associated. So that they could work when they go live.

  • Administration: It also keeps track of all client-server communication and allows creating and managing permission. Therefore giving the capability to manage who can edit or make any update over a website. Updates can also be reverted once they are made.

  • Web Bots: web bots are small scripts like CGI scripts that automate certain function in order to add functionality.

You may have to configure FrontPage server extension to utilize the features.

Frontpage: falling down :

If Website is built in other technology which is not dependent on Microsoft tools then you may not have to think about frontpage.Many hosting providers has even stopped giving support to FrontPage.Because front-page exposes the website to security risks and unauthorized access. It can destroy ‘.htaccess’ file due to which client may have to reset a password for protected areas of a website when changes are made.

Securing Frontpage websites :

Security strengthening: If No any extra database or media files are used then it is better to remove them. Security levels should be increased to a highest level allowing a website to function normally for a user.

Migration to updated tools: if a user is not comfortable to seek out new tools for development then it is recommendable to adopt new successors like SharePoint and web expression. These tools have got a range of easy to use, code-free design tools.

Make move to another application: there are many of the sites building application like Joomla, WordPress which are free and easy to use and much more customizable and powerful than FrontPage.

Although the FrontPage and its extensions have been the major part of the modern web development the newer tools have superseded this technology. If you are relying on old tools then you must upgrade.